TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×06) “Constant Cravings”

Constant Cravings

It turns out that Dolls is a drug addict. The drug in question doesn’t have a name yet and there was no description as to what it does. The only thing that was known was that Dolls needed it bad. He was feeding for it the entire episode. He was even having mood swings. If that wasn’t enough it turns out that he has pissed off his superiors. They no longer want to supply him with that drug. That information was interesting because it seemed like Dolls was such a loyal soldier that it can be assumed that he would always get help simply based on his behavior. It seems like Wynonna might be changing him for the worse, especially since he needs that drug to keep his eyes normal. What the hell was that about? Dolls might not even be human. If he’s not then it’s only a matter of time until someone figures it out. Everyone already figured out he was sick and Doc knew he was taking drugs.

Doc was all over the place this episode. He stumbled upon the bones that Constance is trying to obtain in order to bring those guys back. While he discovered the bones he also got rid of that girl he had sex with previous episodes. He figured out the whole Dolls situation. He also discovered that Wynona doesn’t have feelings for him the way he thought. What’s more important is that he seems to be teaming up with everybody. He’s working with Bobo, Dolls and Wynonna. It feels like he’s setting himself up for trouble. Not only does he have to worry about Constance, but Bobo and him aren’t the best of friends to begin with. He might have also made enemies with Dolls. If he doesn’t figure things out he might not have any “friends” left.

A character who’s better off with one less friend is Waverly. She finally got rid of Champ. Thank goodness for that because he was just the worst. It’s nice to know that she’s smart enough not to stay in a useless relationship. It’s okay because now she’s The Keeper of the Bones. After figuring out the clues from her dead uncle, she has possession of the bones that Constance wants. That’s not a good thing, but hopefully the Blacksmith can help her out.

The Blacksmith was an interesting addition to the series. She seems to know a lot about the supernatural. She could sense that Doll’s was sick. She also performed the ritual that bonded Waverly to the bones she now possesses. Through that ritual she was able to sense that Constance would be coming for the new Keeper. Hopefully she will be able to help the team out in the future.

A great part about this episode was the Revenants. The first one didn’t do much for the episode, but Hetty and Mama Olive brought an interesting twist to the curse. Mama Olive only wanted to eat. It turns out that in the past she felt she had no other choice but to eat her hotel guests. There was not enough food that winter. Her actions were indeed wrong, but it brings an unique idea on the idea of survival. Hetty, on the other hand, was simply cursed for no reason. She got caught in the crossfire and then curse was transferred to her. She didn’t want to kill Wynonna’s dead, but she’s tired of dying over and over again. She just wants to be a normal girl and even her mom wouldn’t let her have that life. She just wanted a way out.

Wynonna doesn’t have a way out yet, but she does have a new way to get around. She inherited that motorcycle from her uncle. It was great to see her go all fan girl when she saw the bike. It was also nice to see her get her butt kicked by Hetty. She kills Revenants way too easily. The show continues to increase the emotional appeal of the Revenants, but they don’t give Wynonna enough of a challenge. Before we know it she’s going to get rid of all the Revenants.


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