TV Review: Wynonna Earp (1×02) “Keep the Home Fires Burning”

Keep the Home Fires Burning

“Crazy chick with a gun!” That has to be one of the fastest ways to clear a room. Wynonna certain got people to start moving, but unfortunately it was for nothing. That revenant she was after didn’t die after she shot him. That being because she decided to use a gun other than the Peacemaker, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Another part that didn’t make sense about the opening of this episode of Wynonna Earp was the flashback. It felt completely unnecessary. What also made that scene feel odd was that Dolls said he was putting her on her first solo mission even though it was her first mission in the first place. He seems like the guy that would want to supervise her for a while before he lets her loose. On top of that it felt like he should’ve known that normal guns wouldn’t work against revenants. He saw her kill them with her gun last time, so his decisions made no sense.

Two characters that also didn’t make sense this episode were the two revenants that went rogue and attacked Wynonna. They clearly weren’t prepared to attack her. The one demon didn’t even know that he couldn’t touch Peacemaker. Talk about poor planning. Unfortunately for Levi, he wasn’t given a swift death. He’s being tortured for his insubordination.

A person that was praised for their actions was Doc Holliday. It’s still unclear what he is though, but he’s managed to get in good with the Bossman. Not only did he steal valuable information from the Earps, but now he’s basically in their good graces. Unfortunately for them they don’t know that he was the one that sent the Shadow Assassin after Waverly. It’s been implied that he wants revenge, but it’s still unclear on how he was wronged.

The Shadow Assassin was completely disappointing. He was said to be this great killer, but Wynonna killed him very easily. It was nice to see that he stayed on target though. Despite the terrible killer that he was, the visual effects did make him look very menacing. In future episodes the demons need to be more deadly.

Wynonna also wasn’t on point this episode. A lot of the jokes she made fell flat. Her sarcastic personality wasn’t hitting home. She also is bad at being the heir. She didn’t always use the gun even though she knew that it was a proven way to send them back. She also let that demon grab her gun. On top of that she let Doc Holliday slide right past her. She didn’t even put up a fight. She wasn’t as interesting as she was in the pilot.

Waverly on the other hand was more intriguing. She might have a future love interest in the form of Officer Haught. She seemed slightly interested in spite of  the fact she has a boyfriend. She also gets to work alongside her sister now. Unfortunately she’s still way too excited about the whole demon business. Maybe that will change since she found out that her imaginary friend is actually the leader of the revenants.

Bobo has a lot of potential. He seems like a demon that doesn’t like to mess around. He has power and he knows how to use it. Levi found that out the hard way. He also has another layer to his character since he tricked Waverly at such a young age. Hopefully he won’t lose that edge in future episodes.

Final Thoughts: Wynonna was cool about her sister burying that talisman. It would’ve been better if she was a little upset. Dolls is the typical federal agent. He needs more to his character.


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  • Poppy

    Spot on review. As underwhelmed as I was from the pilot I was surprised to find myself ranking it higher than episode two. I think the show is still trying to find its footing and sins of the actors haven’t yet slipped into their characters skin. Hopefully that will improve with time. There is definite potential.