TV Review: UnReal – 2×05 “Infiltration”



This week’s episode of Unreal took risks that will take over the rest of the season. Both in front of and behind the cameras, decisions were made that no one will be able to come back from. From Rachel building up Ruby/Darius only to have Quinn destroy them to Jeremy hitting Rachel and getting fired. This episode raised the stakes like never before, and it reminded us yet again why it continues to get even better.

Rachel’s biggest mistake was letting Quinn rile her up knowing exactly what would happen. Rachel isn’t ready to hear what Quinn has to say on her future and her relationship with Coleman. Quinn is right about Rachel and Coleman’s relationship but her advice is falling on deaf ears for now. Rachel will not learn until she makes her own mistakes, something that pushes her further and further from happiness each time.

Quinn is never down for long, and she only gets higher up from there. She stopped at nothing to get what she wanted this week, and even if it’s wrong, it still makes sense. Quinn is the rational part of reality TV because she doesn’t make decisions without thinking. She is always five steps ahead of everyone and everything she does, she does for a reason. Her motives are getting bigger this season and it’s only going to get better from here.

Jay and Ruby were the biggest victims this week, with both of them getting the shortest ends of the stick. Ruby and Darius were on the road to something real, but in the world of reality TV nothing is ever real for long. Rachel learned that the hard way last season and now Darius did too.

Quinn proved yet again that she has something up her sleeve no matter what. Rachel may think she came out on top, only for Quinn to call Ruby’s father and ruin the happiness in the air. Even though Ruby and Darius were the only couple worth rooting for this season, Darius was right. Ruby was on her way to better things and he would hold her back. She was meant to change the world and Darius knew that with him she might never get there. He heard what her father said and took it to heart, making sure Ruby’s future wasn’t ruined like his might be.



Jay’s reaction to all of this had to relate back to us. Everything he felt, from the joy to the pain was exactly what we were supposed to feel with him. Jay thrived when he was creating something authentic and when that came crumbling down, so did he. He has really stood out this season and I’m hoping we see more of him fighting back. Jay is much more in touch with what he thinks is right and what is moral when compared to everyone else. He will do what he needs to but he can’t shove aside what he feels while he does.

Ruby and Jay both stood out in this episode, and it’s an incredible shame that we won’t see Ruby anymore but at least Jay will stay back to fight for that finish line.

There have been theories that Yael isn’t just a contestant, but an undercover reporter and this episode solidified that for me. She wasn’t in the background, but she wasn’t in the front of it all either, yet Yael was important. She had an in with Jeremy, and she gained some interesting details about Rachel and Adam. Then when she was outed, she still ended up staying on the show and that can’t be a coincidence.

Jeremy’s fall was a long time coming, but nothing could have prepared us for just how far he fell. He let the alcohol unleash a side of him that was best kept hidden. When he went into the trailer with Rachel, I really thought the worst would happen, and it did. Jeremy hitting Rachel like that solidified just how horrible of a person he is, and I couldn’t have been happier watching him go.

Chet and Jeremy hanging out together wasn’t a surprise; they are both irrelevant when compared to the women they care for but the contrast between the two became even clearer. Chet really is the lesser of two evils, however unexpected that may be. Chet brought nothing but pain to Quinn, but his weird survivalist camp showed him his dark side. Jeremy, on the other hand, spent the whole episode pointing a finger at Rachel yet again as if his own decisions didn’t ruin his future. The choices he made led him to where he was, and he can’t blame Rachel because their relationship was his decision as well.

Rating: 10/10

Yana is a writer, reader, shipper and overall TV junkie. She is currently studying to become a writer in between fangirling on Twitter, watching too many shows on Netflix and meticulously planning her future.