TV Review: UnReal – 2×04 “Treason”



The new episode of Unreal brought out both the drama and the heat. Quinn was show-stopping this week, winning us over yet again with her ability to make anything happen for her vision of the show.

Even with her father dying, she manages to figure out that Darius is hiding an injury and expose it. It doesn’t last for long because Rachel has Coleman call in some connections to heal Darius but she was on the right path.

Chet teaming up with her was interesting, but he should know by now what happens when he messes with a powerful woman. And this week, he happened to mess with two, suffering the consequences. Chet took his son away from his ex and got arrested, but not before declaring his love for Quinn. Too bad that Quinn chose to cut all the garbage people out of her life, starting with Chet. Seeing Quinn stand up for herself wasn’t shocking, but it reminded me why I supported her so much.

Quinn is a strong woman, and she isn’t letting her feelings be her weakness this season. The same can’t be said for Rachel though. Rachel is strong, but as we’ve seen before, it’s her feelings that get in the way of her success. First we saw that with Jeremy, then with Adam and now with Coleman. Their relationship is pretty bland, which I’m sure isn’t a mistake but once again, we see a guy offer Rachel everything she could ever want. The problem though is that when Rachel falls for this, she loses her own power because she stops trying to reach that success herself.

Something that Rachel could learn from Quinn is how to dull out the other people trying to interfere in her career. Last season Quinn was with Chet, but she knew that she wanted success and she didn’t let him cloud her judgment. She made sure to climb to the top, regardless of her feelings or personal relationships. This is why the strongest relationship is Quinn and Rachel; together they are unstoppable but apart they are self destructive.



Speaking of destructive, with Rachel getting a shot for Darius to make him all better that causes a riff between him and Romeo. As someone who supported those two, it’s intense watching all of it crumble because of the behind the scenes meddling. Romeo was really the only one there who had Darius’ best interests at heart, so now that he’s gone, our bachelor is in trouble. And we saw that happen right away when Ruby came up to Darius and the two shared a conversation and then a pretty long kiss that may have led to more. But what Darius probably didn’t realize is that Jay was filming all of that and Ruby must have been on board with this.

Meanwhile, Madison is taking this new ”get high by controlling others” in stride, and we get witness a new Rachel growing before our very eyes. It’s like knowing what will happen and not being able to stop it, and Madison could still be saved from that manipulative dark world, but she doesn’t want to be. It would be interesting to see more of her interactions with Rachel or Quinn because for now they are too limited.

Yael is taking over aspects of Rachel’s life, first with Coleman and then with Jeremy. Jeremy’s storyline isn’t interesting in the slightest; therefore him pulling Yael down with him isn’t the best thing this show has done. Yael essentially seems to only be there to be branded ”Hot Rachel” or to sleep with Rachel’s ex for some drama. Jeremy is the downside to this season, and I’m hoping this doesn’t continue.

All in all, shit is going down behind the scenes of Everlasting, and it’s only going to get worse. Darius is now essentially all alone and Rachel/Quinn are in a feud that could last longer than we expected. It would be nice to see Rachel cut Coleman loose and maybe realize that her success comes best when she works with Quinn. But for now, we get to see that relationship crash and burn, while Jeremy stirs things up with a girl who is basically his ex girlfriend since that’s really healthy.

Rating: 9.5/10

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