TV Review: UnReal 2×03 “Guerilla”



Unreal tackles more of the contestants this week and the results are darker than usual. Quinn and Rachel will stop at nothing to get killer ratings, and this episode shows us exactly how far.

Quinn and Rachel manipulating the men around them to get what they want will never get old. Coleman thinks he is in charge but he gets his ass handed to him when Rachel shows us just how easy it is to manipulate someone. Years of working on Everlasting really helped both Quinn and Rachel learn how to make sure the people around them are at their disposal.

But while it may work for Chet and Coleman, the girls on the show are a different story. They tear them apart just as easily as they raise them up and if that makes you uncomfortable, that means the show is doing its job. It’s dark because it’s real, which has me worried about what will happen the rest of the season. Each girl is winning us over each week and it’s getting harder and harder to watch their lives crumble for the sake of a reality show.

As for Darius, he showed us a softer side to him this week. But as we all know, no one is safe from manipulation on Everlasting. Darius and Ruby have an interesting chemistry, with her even dressing up to catch his attention. This only lasts for a second before she lets her morals take over. I really want to see where these two could go if they have more time together. And while we are at it, what’s up with Romeo and Darius? I have my own theories but they might be too out there. This week’s episode definitely showed us that they are hiding something big.



Now when Darius opens up to Brandy, things take a much more twisted turn. Brandy is pushed to her limit by Quinn and Rachel making her fall down a dark emotional hole with Chantel’s accidental injury. Then they give her a chance to explain her past to Darius, only to lie to him behind the scenes to make him turn on her. He is buying their lies for now, but something tells me that he isn’t that dense. Eventually the cameras and the lies will get to him and he will fight back.

And what about his secret? Romeo and Darius kept making sure that he didn’t take part in any activities that could injure him. This might have come off as just as a precaution but Rachel wasn’t born yesterday, she asks him flat-out if something more is going on. Could Darius be lying about trying to shift his reputation because of his career? Because it looks like his career could be dead when he calls Rachel to his room and asks her to shut the door. His body is letting him down and it could be more serious than even she thought.

I don’t think mentioning how useless Jeremy’s story is will change anything, but can it? He is around just to remind us that he exists but it doesn’t matter. Yael and Jeremy don’t add up within the show, and it takes away from other stories. The same can soon be said for Chet, who is so hell-bent on gaining the upper hand over Quinn that he is getting sloppier than usual. He had Darius and Romeo on his side, but they are slowly trusting Quinn more, and even Coleman saw that his story wasn’t worth telling. And did he just steal his son away from his ex-wife? What was that all about?

Quinn finding out that Rachel threw her under the bus will turn really ugly the further the show goes. Rachel’s reasoning makes sense, but then it doesn’t. Thinking she could get one over on Quinn wasn’t smart on her part, since nothing ever comes that easily to a woman in the industry. It’s a boys club and men will always come out on top. So Rachel thinking she would win against Quinn was what got them in this predicament.

But Rachel’s worst choice this season, so far, has to be hooking with Coleman. It came out of nowhere and it will crumble just as quickly. Coleman might seem like an innocent new member of the team who wants to help Rachel get back on top, but this is the oldest trick in the book. How many times will Rachel get screwed over by a guy before she realizes that they can’t be trusted?

Rating: 9.5/10

Yana is a writer, reader, shipper and overall TV junkie. She is currently studying to become a writer in between fangirling on Twitter, watching too many shows on Netflix and meticulously planning her future.