TV Review: The Vampire Diaries 8×05 “Coming Home Was A Mistake”

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Moments are all our heroes have on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries in “Coming Home Was A Mistake” with Damon going off the deep end for good, Bonnie risking it all to save Enzo and Caroline’s twins in grave danger from the devil himself.

Damon’s last chance

At the rate that Damon is spiraling it’s hard to to see him getting a happy ending at this point. His decision to kill Tyler has sent shock-waves through the Mystic community with the episode starting with Matt giving phone calls to his friends informing them of Damon’s latest kill. Stefan is at a loss at this point and has no idea what to do about his brother, but while he, Caroline, Matt and Alaric are bringing Tyler’s coffin to be buried in the cemetery Damon makes his decision easy by digging four graves for all of them.

Damon has to be “put down.”

Stefan is of course doing this for his brother’s own good because once Damon eventually turns his humanity back on he may never be able to forgive himself for what he did and what he might do if left conscious. He makes it easy for Stefan though by telling him to meet him at the Mystic Fall’s carnival where he tries to reach out to Stefan, telling him that he needs help and that he’s terrified of what might happen if he turns his humanity back on and has to face Cade in eventual death.

Stefan begs him to come home, to let him help him, but Damon refuses and Stefan attempts to shoot him with a vervain dart. Damon catches it in mid-air and attacks Stefan, but Caroline is there to save the day and shoots him in the back resulting in Stefan locking him away in a coffin.

Let it burn, Bonnie

Meanwhile Bonnie is at the cabin with Enzo attempting to turn back on his humanity switch, but Enzo is a tough nut to crack. She puts a spell via “the flame of imprisonment” (which she finds in The Armory) on the cabin so Enzo can’t leave unless Bonnie blows out the flame. She just can’t seem to break through to him though so she calls Caroline for some advice on how she managed to her back on her humanity when she shut it down last season after her mother’s death.

Her advice: Make Enzo face his biggest fear.

So Bonnie goes to the extreme and pours gasoline all over the cabin. Enzo thinks that her plan won’t work because he isn’t really afraid of fire, even after Damon left him in that burning cell years ago, but that’s not Bonnie plan at all it turns out. She lights the flame and  while fire rips through the cabin she tells Enzo repetitively that she will not leave him and that she would rather burn alive than abandon him.

It takes until Bonnie passes out from the smoke that Enzo snaps out of it and frantically tosses Bonnie out of the cabin; the problem now is that Enzo can’t leave until Bonnie blows out the flame.

Bonnie wakes up eventually and sees Enzo just barely hanging on to life in the door frame. She realizes that he’s turned his humanity back on and rushes back into the cabin against his wishes to put out the flame and save him.

Of course, the two make it out unharmed and have a wonderfully romantic moment in front of the burning cabin that only reaffirms that they are our favorite TVD couple.

Seline’s endgame?

While our heroes were trying piece back the shambles that Sybil left them in, her sister Seline brought Alaric and Caroline’s twins to the carnival and engaged in some, well, fishy behavior. The carnival ring-toss game they were playing was too hard for the twins so Seline compels the worker with her siren song to give the girls a goldfish for their efforts.

The goldfish Seline picks is clearly dead though, floating at the top of the bowl. The girls see this, and Seline tells them that they have to bring the fish home to give it a proper burial, but instead she bring them to what looks like an abandoned warehouse. She tells them the story of Cade and lets them know that if they use their magic they will be able to summon him to take the fishes soul.

It’s not only a dead fish Seline has under her pile of wood, it’s Georgie’s dead body as well.

It isn’t until the gang is at the carnival honoring Tyler’s life by actually have some fun that Matt recognizes Seline from pictures on Caroline’s phone. It turns out that Tyler left a box of photos of Seline behind for Matt and instructions to find her. Caroline and Alaric rush home to find their kids gone and a drawing of them, Seline and Cade on the kitchen table.

On top of all that Sybil makes her grand escape when Alaric leaves the tuning fork with an intern who gets a call from the police about Georgie’s burnt body. He leaves allowing Sybil to make her escape by breaking the glass with her siren song, stealing the fork and freeing Damon from his tomb.

Damon in turn pledges his life to her leaving us with tons of questions. What does Sybil and Seline want with the twins? Has Damon finally gone off the deep end? And will Stefan be able to defeat Cade when they come face to face?

Episode rating: 9/10

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