TV Review: The Muppets “Little Green Lie” 1×14

THE MUPPETS - "Bear Left then Bear Write" - Fozzie takes things a little too far when Kermit offers him advice and Nick Offerman steps in to help the gang. Meanwhile, Christina Applegate guests on "Up Late," and brings Miss Piggy a sweet surprise that doesn't go over well and Pepe, Rizzo and Liam Hemsworth try to help Gonzo out with his online dating situation, on "The Muppets," TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Nicole Wilder) THE GREAT GONZO, RIZZO, SCOOTER, SAM THE EAGLE, SWEETUMS, ANIMAL, KERMIT THE FROG, JANICE, DR. TEETH, ZOOT, FLOYD PEPPER, BEAKER, SWEDISH CHEF, YOLANDA (FOREGROUND)

In this season’s 14th episode of The Muppets, long time fans will be treated to a little cameo they’ve been dying to see for a while now, Kermit’s beloved nephew Robin. He’s understandably ecstatic to see his favorite green uncle, especially with his own parents going through a tricky divorce and in desperate need for lifted spirits. Oblivious to Kermit and Miss Piggy’s own split, everyone in the studio crafts the charade that Miss Piggy and Kermit never split in the first place, for the sake of Robin’s happiness. However, even the world’s strongest lie can’t conceal the truth forever. Meanwhile, with Gonzo and Camilla spending so much time together since their re-connection, Rizzo and Pepe attempt to find a third wing man to fill the void he’s left.

Thankfully, there are plenty of funny jokes that stem from this week’s show, such as Miss Piggy finding brutal satisfaction in a group game of laser tag for Robin’s visit, to fill an otherwise uninventive episode. Robin is as cute and inviting as ever, and his presence on-screen will be sure to satisfy long time Muppets fans and newcomers alike. There’s a surprising amount of humorous chemistry that shines between Robin and Scooter, since both are basically children (Robin of body, Scooter of mind,) and I genuinely hope we get to see more of them together in the near future. Not to mention, there’s also a few good gags with the continued presence of Big Mean Carl, thanks to his ferocious appetite playing a big part in some of the episode’s best laughs. The “Friendly Feud” segment was also a major highlight in giving its viewers some good snickers, due to the Electric Mayhem’s general goofiness and ignorance of how the game show functions.


In the end, however, all that really stands out about this week’s episode are the laughs themselves. Without these gags, audiences would otherwise be met with two storylines that come off as mostly predictable and unimaginative. Even before watching “Little Green Lie,” you could probably forecast exactly how it’s all going to wind down. Those awkward moments where Missy Piggy and Kermit begin to realize how much they still care about each other, the liars revealed story arc, Gonzo, Rizzo and Pepe making up, it’s all here this week folks.

“Little Green Lie” is by no means a bad episode for the series, the witty gags that arise from this stereotypical storyline make it worth its watch. Yet, as the show continues to make its transition towards the old Muppet Show format, it would have ultimately been nicer to see the creators spice things up a little more beyond the jokes. Humor is definitely an important factor to make a dramedy series like The Muppets work, and said humor churns as smoothly as ever. Yet, using the same plot people have already seen a dozen times comes off as its biggest hindrance.

Rating: 6/10

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