TV Review: The Fosters (4×05) “Forty”


The episode we’ve all been waiting for, Lena’s 70s themed birthday party! Before getting to the fabulous events at the party, first we must discuss all the events taking place in the lives of the Adams-Foster family. Let’s begin with my most dreaded subject, Brandon and Courtney. So Lena’s parents arrive for the big party, with more conflict to add to the mix. That whole storyline was a mess, Dana thought her husband was cheating but he was actually hiding the fact that he owes the government a lot of money and the family might lose their house. That’s bound to explode sooner or later and it worries me, this family has more than enough to deal with. But, getting back to Brandon, he is desperate for money to pay for rent (see Brandon, being an adult is not as easy as you thought it would be). He is so desperate that he accepts an offer to take a student’s SATs, in exchange for payment. Trying to make a bigger effort with Courtney, Stef invites her to Lena’s birthday party. While at her place, Stef sees a check from Brandon’s account to Courtney’s divorce lawyer; Brandon, what are you doing? Can I say how much I love drunk Dana calling Courtney out; I just can’t find any redeeming qualities in Courtney, she is very openly taking advantage of a vulnerable teenager. Brandon’s hero complex doesn’t allow him to see when someone is clearly not a good fit in his life; I hope he realizes that soon.

Let’s move on to Mariana and Emma’s storyline this week, which was one of my favorites (cheers to empowering young women). With only three girls in the STEM club at their school, they are quick to be isolated from the rest of the group, a serious issue in our education system. The three girls pair up to make a robot that will win them a spot in the regional robotics competition. With some surprising help from Jesus, the girls build the most efficient and creative robot. Not surprising, the boys in the STEM club vote against the girls being elected to represent Anchor Beach. I was ecstatic to see the girls stand up for the quality of their work and demand the respect they deserve, can’t wait to see them kick ass at that competition and prove that gender has nothing to do with intelligence and skill.

I love seeing Callie and Aaron working together to help Kyle, their dynamic and chemistry is great. I also love seeing Elliot Fletcher, the actor who portrays Aaron, playing such a unique and multifaceted character. I love that The Fosters continues to use a beautifully diverse cast of actors that can bring value to any character. So, we finally get to see Kyle when Callie and Aaron visit him in juvie. After some great detective work, the two are able to find some evidence that might help reopen Kyle’s case. I’m so curious to see where this storyline goes and to see more exploration of the failings of the foster care system and the consequences it can have on kids like Kyle.

The role reversal between Jesus and Emma has been really intriguing to watch. As the pair continue their “friends with benefits” relationship, it’s clear that Jesus is not comfortable with how things are going. Emma is the one constantly wanting the unattached sex, while Jesus clearly craves more of a connection. Emma’s behavior leaves him feeling as nothing more than a “boy toy” and he finally breaks things off with her. I liked seeing that vulnerability from Jesus, something Noah Centineo brings so naturally in his performance.

When Stef asks for Jude’s help with making Lena’s birthday video, Taylor has the idea of asking Noah for some help. Taylor is the greatest matchmaker I’ve ever seen, I love it! Jude also finds out that Connor is back in San Diego with his new boyfriend, which obviously bothers him. In an attempt to make Connor jealous, Jude posts his new “relationship status” on Facebook, why Jude, why? When Noah finds out, he is rightfully angry and explains that social media has not been kind to him; it’s not easy being the openly gay son of a minister. The conversation ends with some really adorable lines when Noah tells Jude that if he’s going to tell everyone that they are boyfriends, he should at least ask him out first. Okay, I definitely ship it!

The 70s themed birthday party was one of the best parts of this episode! The outfits, the dancing, the music, it was all incredible! That slo-mo of Gabe walking in and Mike’s insecurities were great comedic moments, especially ending with Mike and Ana validating that they are in love. The moms’ friend Jenna, always love to see her back, was hilarious every time she was on screen. And Sharon (Stef’s mom) got Lena strippers; that was amazing and had me dying of laughter. The last scene of Forty showed the core members of the family on the dance floor enjoying the end of the night. A beautiful moment that is sure to be cut short with the dramatic episode that awaits us next week, can’t wait!

Rating: 10/10

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