TV Review: The Fosters (4 x 03) “Trust”


The Fosters continue to deal with the aftermath of the events that occurred with Nick but each family member begins to deal with their own everyday issues during “Trust”. Callie’s internal struggle shows the insecurities that continue to plague her, she has a nightmare that the moms undo her adoption and that she is taken away from yet another family. The rumors about her relationship with Brandon are widespread at their school and after not being able to convince him to return home, an insult leads her to physically lash out at another student. After Lena suspends Callie she doesn’t obey her moms and spends the afternoon with a handsome new friend, Aaron. Even though they seem to have a connection, Callie decides to tell him the truth about having a boyfriend. I hope we see more of him; he seems like an interesting character to explore and has a great dynamic with Callie. When the moms find out, they question why Callie has been acting the way she has. Callie lets her guard come down and reveals her fears about being taken from the home. The moms finally understand and reassure her that nothing will tear their family apart.

Brandon’s new life with Courtney seems to be all bright skies but he begins to realize how things aren’t all that simple. He gets angry with his mom for taking the car away and leaving him with no means of transportation. Brandon is really showing how much growing up he has left. He has a nice moment with Stef when he goes over to the house to practice for his Julliard audition, having nowhere else to do so. He shows a bit of maturity when he thanks his mom for everything she’s done for him. Courtney is still having issues with her son’s father, so we’ll have to wait and see how her relationship with Brandon will be affected.

The environment at Anchor Beach has changed drastically, with security points, metal detectors and fences being installed. While discussing how the events have been affecting them, many of the students blame Mariana for what happened. During a school assembly, Lena tells the concerned students and parents that fear will not make things better but that their support for each other will make them feel safe. Mariana takes the chance to stand up to her bullies and tell them that their words are another way of making kids feel unsafe. The episode ends with a call from Nick, I’d really like to see how the writers progress his storyline and deal with the emotional trauma that he’s dealt with his entire life.

Jude’s exploration of his sexuality continues to be portrayed with heartbreaking honesty. The pain that he has dealt with in such a short amount of time and throughout his life really, has led him to question everything about who he is. Jude’s friendship with Taylor has led him to explore religion and spirituality more closely. So when she invites him to her church youth group, he decides to go. She takes him there specifically to connect with the pastor’s son, Noah. When Jude realizes that Noah is gay, it confuses the very distressing notion he had of God punishing him for being gay. After Jude begins to understand that Taylor’s intentions were only to help him realize that there is nothing wrong with who he is, he decides to reconnect with Noah. It seems that a relationship will start to blossom, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Rating: 7/10

The Fosters airs Mondays at 8/7 c on FreeForm!

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