TV Review: ‘The Fosters’ 3 x 13 “If and When”


Another week, another drama filled episode of The Fosters! The episode begins with Stef’s ongoing struggle with the decision to get a full double mastectomy or just the less invasive lumpectomy; Stef chooses the latter, much to her mother’s disappointment. Although at the end of the episode, Stef tells Lena the truth about her increased risk of cancer and her final decision to get the mastectomy. After much bickering, Stef’s mother decides to stay back to support her. As fans, we only hope that her assistance won’t be much needed and that Stef will be OK.

Mike and Stef also continue their investigation into Ty and officiate the situation by filing an arrest warrant against him. Stef also puts AJ’s name on the warrant knowing that he can very well be charged as an adult, much to Mike’s distress. After some help from Callie, Stef locates Ty and AJ and leaves in order to get to them before they realize. Despite arguments from both Mike and Lena about the consequences the arrest will have on AJ, Stef proceeds full force ahead. Although when Stef arrives to arrest Ty, she quickly changes her story and makes it appear like AJ was unaware of the hit and run. The consequences that the arrest will ultimately have on AJ are yet to be seen but we are all anxious to see his life turn around.

AJ has clearly become another member of the family because his wellbeing has become important to all, especially to Callie. Early in the episode Callie begins messaging online with who she believes to be AJ. Mariana helps Callie locate an IP address that appears to be in San Diego, so she thinks she can convince him to return home. Callie even plans to meet with him but he never shows. After Brandon overhears the truth about the identity of the driver, he tells Callie about the real reasons AJ had for running away. Callie is obviously distraught about Stef’s decisions and tries to warn AJ but is too late. It is at this moment that we realize that Callie had not been communicating with AJ online.

Brandon and Matt also delve deeper into the writing of their take on Romeo and Juliet. Their creativity and their talent shine in their composing and in Matt’s singing. After deciding to cast Matt as Romeo, he suggests casting Talya, Brandon’s ex-girlfriend, as Juliet. Brandon does not feel comfortable with having Talya in his play and decides to hold open auditions. Surprisingly, Mariana attends, having been told that she lost the junior class presidency to Lexi, and gives an incredible performance. Mariana is the clear choice for Juliet, much to Matt’s discomfort, but they decide to leave that all behind. It will be great to see Mariana and Matt working together and what that will do for what is left of their feelings.

During Ana’s visit to the Fosters’ home, Jesus inquires about his birth father. Ana doesn’t want to let on much about him and tells Jesus that she barely knew him. The twins’ cousin Adriana tells Jesus that Ana might know more about his birth father than she is telling him. Adriana tells Jesus that there is a possibility of his father working at a nearby construction site. Jesus and his new friend Nick go to the site but Jesus is troubled about things; he isn’t sure if he should get in contact with or try to get to know his birth father. When he finally gets the courage to go by again, he does so under the false pretenses of looking for work. The relationship that will or won’t derive will be interesting to watch progress.

Finally, we see a new friendship develop between Jude and troubled foster kid Jack, or at least an attempt at a friendship on Jude’s part. Jude updates us all about Connor’s new school and how busy he is with football. There might be trouble on the horizon between those two, but let’s hope for the best. Jack’s erratic behavior seems to trouble Jude much more than expected and it is obvious that he is directing his anger about the distance from Connor on Jack; to whom he later apologizes to thanks to Callie’s reminder of a life she and Jude once had, one very similar to Jack’s. As troubled as Jack may be, one final scene may prove that his intentions are very much still a mystery; as we find out that he is the anonymous person behind the messages to Callie. What he is searching for will be interesting to discover. Hopefully next week is as intriguing as this one!

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