TV Review: The Exorcist – “Chapter Five: Through My Grievous Fault”

Things got interesting last episode with a cliffhanger that promised a potential resolution to the Casey possession saga. Episode five starts out with Father Keane having a discussion with Father Tomas behind some building. Keane keeps reassuring that Tomas is good at this and ready to lead the exorcism. Well, that’s unconvincing. It’s like asking a rookie to win the Super Bowl when he doesn’t trust himself in completing a pass.

Casey is chained up and looks like hell (no pun intended). As her father tends to her, she wakes up and promises to tell him a secret. He walks over and she grabs the chain and yanks him over to her, just to release her demon tongue and lick his ear. I can assure you this must have cleaned out all his earwax.

Something is knocking on Kat’s door, but it’s just Casey, so she goes back to bed. At this point, no one bothers with Casey’s demon antics anymore. Angela Rance is cleaning the home, and she’s about to need a lot more Windex due to that ceiling stain that Casey must be creating. Now onto the exciting part: Casey’s exorcism. Keane is doing his ritual while Casey talks back to him in a top-notch stadium announcer voice – easily could announce Bulls home games. The exorcism isn’t going so swell at this point.


Something is wrong with Mr. Rance, as he’s walking around the house all dumbfounded. He finally talks and asks Angela if she believes in God; she counters by telling him he needs to eat something. Well if that wasn’t dodging the question. Back to the exorcism attempt. She’s now speaking in Spanish and pretending to be Tomas’ grandmother. Tricky demon is trying to get into their heads. They take a timeout and leave the room, but run right back in as Casey is flying around the room.

What does she get for trying to be Supergirl? More chains. Mr. Rance has started praying. He goes into the leaking closet (that house has horrible insulation) and finds a Bible. Meanwhile, the devil is floating above Casey and making demands, again. Katherine is nagging her mom about getting Casey back to the hospital and giving her some professional help. An exhausted Keane emerges from Casey Watch and interrupts the family chat.

On the other end, Tomas can’t even wash his face without hearing Jessica’s voice. The evil spirit of Jessica is attempting to seduce Tomas, which seems to be a major weakness of his. As he’s about to give into temptation, evil Casey appears above him. So much for the Jessica vision. In the nick of time, Keane comes around to smack Casey away from Tomas. Keane goes off on Tomas for being a liability, so Tomas is on his way out of there. Of course, he goes straight to Jessica’s house. As soon as she lets him in, he goes right for it and kisses her. Well then.


Keane finally gets some answers from the demon who tells him that’s “her” body. As Tomas is getting it on with Jessica, the spirit of Keane’s mother comes around to mess with his head. Bad news is that Kat calls the cops, so they invade the room and arrest Keane. Casey is escorted away by the medics. No cure for demon possession. Way to go Kat, this one is on you.

The ambulance doesn’t even make it back to the hospital as Casey crushes the vehicle and escapes. Now the demon is on the run. Who bails Keane out of jail? His frenemy Father Bennett, of course. Henry makes a big deal and wakes up Angela, giving her the Bible he found. So, what’s the significance of that?

Tomas is at church in the middle of night to confess the sin he just committed of having SEX! He’s not alone in church, as Angela is hanging out there also. Doesn’t church close in the middle of the night? They have a chat about their childhoods. Angela reveals that she had an imaginary childhood friend. Hmm. She tells him how she reinvented her identity and that her real name is Reagan MacNeil. What!? Now that’s a bombshell. At the same time, a silhouette arrives at the Rance’s home. Henry opens the door for a woman, who introduces herself as Chris MacNeil.

So this shit just got real. This episode was a bit lackluster and disappointing. Nothing was accomplished with the exorcism of Casey, which was sort of expected, until the major reveal that changed it all. The shocker was delivered in the final scene where Angela tells Tomas that her real name is Reagan MacNeil. Surely the name Reagan makes you immediately ask, “Is that the name of the girl Linda Blair played from the original movie?” That would be a correct assumption. Now we know that there is a definite tie-in to the original movie. This is an exciting and interesting revelation for sure. I’m super interested in where this show is heading. This bombshell is a game-changer. Perfect timing as the show started lagging with just the one storyline centering on Casey.

Rating: 7.5/10

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