TV Review: The Exorcist 1×04 “Chapter Four: The Moveable Feast”



We left off episode three with Casey soiling the already filthy CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) Red Line. Episode four starts out with Casey waking up from an apparent long night of sleep and bring eyes Casey already is having visions, such as instead of her mother cracking an egg, she sees the yolk as a dead bird. Yup, hallucinations galore. Leave it up to the devil to give her a pep talk on her picky eating. The devil slaps her to the ground and stomps on her hand due to her resistance to follow orders–violent dead creep.

Father Keane pays a visit to a nun for some much needed info. Angela pleads to Father Tomas for an exorcism on her daughter, Tomas assures her he’s going to find a way to make it work. Casey’s MRI reveals “genital trauma,” described as self-inflicted burns. Keane is spying from the bushes and witnessing a ritual a group of nuns surrounding a possessed individual, who looks a lot more like a mutant than possessed human, go figure. Keane ends up spending the night on the bench. He asks for Sister Bernadette, who apparently is the nun who has experience dealing with demonic forces and possessions. Keane gets denied. What do you do after a rejection like that? You take a tour bus around Chicago. If Keane’s rejection from the nuns was harsh, it wasn’t even close to the rejection the tour guide host had for the random basic girl who started bragging about reading “The Devil in the White City.” Thank you tour guide woman!

Mr. Rance is finally on-board with the fact that something is wrong with Casey, so he tells his wife that he supports her decision to seek Tomas and Keane. Well the family is finally coming together. Tomas and his nephew go over to visit the rich monetary donor to ask her for a favor, to speak to the Cardinal so he can be granted the exorcism. The kid gets treated to a delicious looking ice cream cookie sandwich, but he wastes it away and drops it upon the sight of the dying old husband of the lady. Way to let a perfect ice cream sandwich slip away kid.

Tomas then participates in a confessional from his sister who discloses to him that her husband has been cheating. Tomas is certainly to go-to priest for everyone with problems. On the other end, Keane ends up having a sit down with the tour bus people and they offer him some information he was looking for. Poor Casey can’t get a break. Doctors decide it’s time to feed her through the tube, and to make matters worse she’s being threatened by the devil also.

Keane finally manages to get a meeting with Sister Bernadette. The wise cracking Bernadette manages to call out Keane on his ego and give him a valuable pep talk. Finally someone that can dish it back at him. The chat ends with a invite to an exorcism for him to witness. Angela is up in arms over Casey’s situation, but Tomas arrives with some potential good news. Casey’s exorcism might finally be a go. Keane’s exorcism invite turns into a practice that looks more like a street fight with the mutant human, than it does an exorcism. Wouldn’t you know Keane’s fighting spirit (no pun intended) conquers and expels the demon.

Casey almost commits to the devil after he threatens again, this time it’s in the form of choking her nurse. As she’s on the verge of committing, Angela runs in to break up the moment. That situation results in Casey’s discharge from the hospital. Meanwhile, Keane is back in Chicago with some unfinished business. He pays a visit to Tomas and they both are ready for conduct the exorcism. The preparations begin. A shot of Casey’s chained leg emerges from the covered up room. She rushes to the door and the screen fades to black.

Finally an exorcism is coming. Took four episodes to build up to it, but the payoff should be completed next episode. Seems like the next episode will be a turning point in the series. If the demon is expelled from her, what happens next? Seems like they might have some troubles accomplishing that, but we shall find out in episode five. This episode was a bit slower paced, not much really happened, but the set-up for the exorcism was done.

RATING: 7/10

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