TV Review: The Big Bang Theory 9×10, “The Earthworm Reverberation”


It’s finally happened! Sheldon and Amy are finally back together, and it looks like they’re going to move forward not only emotionally, but physically. And the thing that got them there? The Beach Boys. Let’s rewind a bit, so we can fully understand how a love song was able to transform the mind of a genius physicist.

The episode begins with Sheldon recording his “descent into madness” in the middle of the night. He has an earworm that he can’t get out of his head, and for some reason he’s not able to remember a tune that he keeps humming aloud. Obviously this is worrisome seeing as he has an eidetic memory. The only logical conclusion he reaches is that he’s finally cracked. Thus, he resorts to recording himself for his future crazed self, reminding him that the thermostat should always stay at 72 degrees, his spot on the couch is his and no one else’s, and if Penny ever offers him food, it’s safe to eat because it’s probably his anyway.

While Sheldon is slowly losing his mind, Raj and Howard learn they have a new fan of their band. A few weeks ago, Raj set up a Facebook page for Footprints on the Moon. This caused a slight squabble between the two since Raj didn’t discuss this with Howard, but Howard quickly forgives him since they have a devoted fan. This whole thing is now bigger than them. They learn that his name is Trent Monaco. He’s a twenty-four-year-old DJ who’s got a hot girlfriend and awesome tattoos. He’s basically the coolest guy they know. One thing leads to another, and they’ve got a hold of his Facebook page, his twitter handle, and his Snapchat and Instagram pages, and they’re now tracking his every move. When he checks into a local coffee shop, the guys decide to stop by and let their fan see them in person, but Trent soon goes into some hardcore nose-picking (and booger eating), and the boys’ admiration for their number one fan is lost.


Meanwhile, Amy has decided to move on and calls David to schedule another date. This time, at her place, where she’ll be doing the cooking. This is pretty intimate and pretty fast, but she wants intimacy right now, and she’s not getting it from Sheldon. They enjoy a nice dinner, and it’s entertaining to watch because everything that comes out of Stephen Merchant’s mouth is hilarious. Anyways, after dinner they sit awkwardly, both knowing what’s to come. As soon as Amy compliments his tie clip though, he swoops in for the kiss. Obviously, we’re all rooting for Shamy, but I enjoy the chemistry these two have.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon is still trying to figure out the song. After a failed attempt at getting the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame to help him figure out his hum, he stays up all night playing the keyboard. When Penny violently takes it away, he opts for his tuba instead. Later that day, he states all the scientists who have gone crazy before him. And it’s not just scientists. Artists too have gone off the wagon, including Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. And that’s the word that triggers his memory. The song that’s been on his mind for the past few days has been “Darlin” by The Beach Boys. At first, he’s confused as to why this song was in his head, but with lyrics like “I love the way you soften my life with your love,” Sheldon realizes it’s Amy he can’t get out of his mind. She’s the heartworm in his life that he loves, and now he knows he can’t live without her.


Just as Dave and Amy are about to kiss again, they hear three knocks at the door. Amy lets Dave know that that’s Sheldon, and he couldn’t be more excited. This is his number one fan after all. At the door, Sheldon professes his love for Amy, and asks her to be his girlfriend again. They’re both so happy, and even Dave is ecstatic. He pops in from behind and urges Sheldon to kiss her. That’s enough for Sheldon, and he swiftly grabs his girl and kisses her like he’s never done before. It was sweet, it was epic, and it was just the beginning because next week, Shamy is taking their relationship to the next level. As Sheldon says, they’re going to be doing the dance with no pants.

Best Bazingas

“Oh, thank goodness! I’m not crazy! I don’t have to take a pigeon as my bride.”—Sheldon


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    Torres watches a show and doesn’t notice the joke is not “… if Penny ever offers him food, it’s safe to eat because it’s probably his anyway” but that it’s safe to eat because he probably bought it.