TV Review: The Big Bang Theory 9×02, “The Separation Oscillation”

This week’s episode starts with a nightmare. It’s the middle of the night, and Leonard is in the kitchen thinking about the fact that he’s been married for less than 24 hours and he already has marital problems. Sheldon soon joins him. He only gets water because he has an itch in his throat, but we all know Sheldon is going through some of his own heartache at the moment too. Penny eventually walks in to the boys’ apartment because she can’t sleep either. Clearly there’s a lot of angst going on right now that’s not allowing for the proper amount of daily sleep intake. Sheldon then suggests a plan to save his best friend’s marriage. Since Leonard kissed another girl, the only logical solution is for Penny to kiss another man. Penny is all about this eye for an eye plan, while Leonard thinks otherwise.


The shocking part of this whole thing is that Sheldon offers his own lips for service. After all, he is a single man. And so, he passionately grabs Penny and kisses her like we’ve never seen him kiss before. It was sizzling, but too good to be true. Cue Leonard frightfully waking up. I was taken aback by this whole scene. I’m so used to the awkward and compulsive Sheldon we’ve seen for the past eight seasons, and the moment he grabs Penny, and lets her wrap her legs around him, I knew it had to be a dream. However, Sheldon has been wearing his heart on his sleeve lately, and it’s not too far fetched that he would do something as spontaneous as that. This guy is an emotional mess right now, and we get a glimpse of this passionate Sheldon later in the episode.

Speaking of Sheldon, he clearly doesn’t understand the meaning of being broken up with someone. He’s called and talked to Amy more times in the past two days of their breakup than in the last two months of their relationship. However, this time he’s calling because they made a baby together that needs looking after: Their precocious little Internet show known as Fun With Flags. Amy’s not having though. She’s done with him and she could care less about flags.

There’s another couple that’s having some trouble. Raj is upset at Howard because he didn’t hear about Leonard’s tryst with Mandy Chow from him. He’s sure that Howard was probably talking to Bernadette about the latest gossip, and he wants to be filled in too. Not only does he want Howard to tell him the latest news on their friend group, he wants Howard to want to tell him. Raj is so needy sometimes.

Bernadette, on the other hand, is upset at Howard because he blabbed to her about Leonard’s infidelity and she’s known about it for two years. Two years! She’s sure that Penny is going to be upset at her if she finds out that Bernadette knew this whole time. Howard truly does have two wives when dealing with these two, but hey, he’s got a George Clooney limited edition manscaping kit, so he’s good.

Back to Sheldon and Amy. Not taking the hint, he goes to visit her to return her belongings. He’s got a box with her old scarf and Penny’s red bra to try and incite a reaction from her, but obviously Amy knows that that bra belongs to her bestie. Sheldon really is trying everything he can. Notice: Sheldon doesn’t do his usual three-time knock either. Since they’re no longer a couple, Amy no longer gets to enjoy his charming eccentricities—they’re not friends with benefits as he adamantly states before leaving.


Back at the apartment, Leonard is looking into marriage counseling when Penny walks in. There’s still trouble in paradise, and Sheldon has got the solution. If you’re thinking we’re going to get another passionate kiss, you’re wrong. This time he offers a simple solution: Meeting Mandy for herself. This will alleviate her imagination from thinking the worst scenario, and so the next day Leonard talks to Mandy at work, but soon uses her as a shrink to talk about his problems, and he realizes that maybe he is the problem. Maybe he felt like he had to tell Penny about this kiss to sabotage the wedding. After all these years, he still feels like he doesn’t deserve her.

During a wine night with the girls, Penny too realizes that she’s scared of losing Leonard to someone that’s more like him. So they resolve to just enjoy being happy with each other. It seems like it’s always the same with these two. Their storylines are getting redundant, and I’d personally like to see them just break it off for a bit. Unfortunately, they have more chemistry when they’re not in a relationship. Maybe if they start dating other people, they’ll get a bit more interesting.

In between this whole bit of Penny and Leonard figuring out their problems, we get some comedic relief from Raj and Howard. When they see Mandy Chow at work, a slew of inappropriate jokes come rolling in:

  • I’d like to get lost in her Bermuda triangle
  • I’d like cover three-quarters of her surface area
  • I’d let her free my willy
  • I’d like to spongebob her squarepants

Finally, in what was the best scene of the episode, Sheldon films an episode of Fun with Flags, with a segment on flags of countries that were torn apart and the women who were probably, most likely responsible. You can probably guess who he’s talking about. He vents, he rants, and he compares Amy’s genitilia to the Czech Republic. Like the rest of the world, I’m sad that Sheldon and Amy aren’t together, but a small part of me loves it. Both of them are so angry, but so passionate that I think this breakup is what’s finally going to take them to the next level in their relationship, a physical relationship.

Also, it’s always a treat to see Sheldon unknowingly make angry, sexual innuendos like this piece of gold: “But the show must go on. And thankfully, all the things my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of with my right hand.”


Best Bazingas

“Well if you want to see less of me, maybe we should go out again.”—Sheldon


“You think it’s hard having one wife? Try having two.”—Howard talking about Raj


“It is none of your business whose naked bosom I’m smooshing around like pizza dough.”—Sheldon


“But the show must go on. And thankfully, all the things my girlfriend used to do can be taken care of with my right hand.”—Sheldon



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  • meka3000

    You complain about l & p and its story redundancy, then say they should do something they already did between seasons 3-5 (break up and date other people)? Smh.