TV Review: The Big Bang Theory 8×19, “The Skywalker Incursion”

After a three-week hiatus, The Big Bang is finally back! If you were missing your weekly geek fix, this episode combined the perfect mix of Doctor Who, Star Wars, and even Game of Thrones references to ease your appetite.

Remember that paper Sheldon and Leonard worked on together? The one that caused a bit of a quibble between the two friends? Well, it seems that all is fine with the duo because they are getting ready to go on a road trip. They have been invited to lecture at UC Berkeley to speak about their research. It all sounds great, but Sheldon’s plan of opening with a joke for the grad students does not sound so great. He jokes, “What do you say to a UC Berkeley graduate of the physics department? I’ll have fries with that.” Through his cackling, he further explains it’s because his education hasn’t prepared him for a career in the sciences. Penny kindly reminds Leonard that all he needs to do is outrun Sheldon, and he’ll make it out of the mob that is sure to trample Sheldon.

On the road, Sheldon suggests they play a game of “I can’t spy.” It’s all the nail biting tension of “I spy,” but deals with elements you can’t see, like subatomic particles and waves. Leonard ends up trumping Sheldon at his own game by using big science words that I missed, but Sheldon didn’t, and as a true sore loser, exclaims that he doesn’t want to play anymore. Nothing can get Leonard down, however. They’re currently en route to lecture at a prestigious university for a paper they worked on together. It’s a good day. Sheldon agrees, and to celebrate, he proposes that Leonard turn the radio on, “and play that funky music.” This isn’t the first music reference in the episode to go over Sheldon’s head, but it’s a lot of fun to see him dissect and go into an in depth analysis of Wild Cherry’s lyrics.

Sheldon eventually realizes that the Skywalker Ranch is close to their hotel. How awesome would it be to see the headquarters of George Lucas?! Every party has to have a pooper, and in this case, it’s Leonard. The headquarters are in the middle of nowhere, so evidently, George Lucas does not want them to go. Sheldon reasons that Tatooine, Hoth, and Yoda’s swamp are all in the middle of nowhere. It’s obvious. This is George Lucas’s code for them, asking them to drop in. Leonard is sold.

Unfortunately, at the gate, Leonard has to speak into an intercom. This will surely ruin their plans to explore the headquarters. Luckily for them, the speaker was broken, so the security did not hear Sheldon’s plan to meet and play with George Lucas. They now need a plan for the gatehouse security guard. Leonard chooses to go with honesty. Sheldon chooses to take matters into his own hands…or legs, and make a run for it. His unwavering bravery is worthy, but is no match for a Taser gun. They finally get into the ranch, only because they are arrested and of course, the ranch has it’s own jail. They get off with a warning, but the other culprit in the jail won’t get off that easy. The punishment for making out with a Chewbacca statue must be harsher than a warning.


While Sheldon and Leonard were trying to get into the world of Star Wars, the rest of the gang were battling for Dr. Who’s TARDIS. Bernadette and Howard are having a garage sale, and one of the items she is keen on selling is the overpaid TARDIS Howard purchased once upon a time ago. Bernadette suggests an arm wrestle, but that’s like Howard challenging Bernadette to a sexy pants contest. There’s no competition. Instead, Raj suggests they battle it out on the old Ping-Pong table. Bernadette claims this isn’t fair either because he grew up playing, but Penny soon intervenes, and says that she’ll play on Bernadette’s behalf. Penny’s upper body strength is too much for Howard, but Raj then steps in and offers himself as Howard’s champion in true Game of Thrones fashion.

Turns out Raj’s skills are too much for Penny even with her broad shoulders, so Bernadette decides to play dirty, and gives Raj an epic idea. Instead of winning the TARDIS for Howard, he could keep it for himself and use it as his front door…Best. Idea. Ever. Raj thinks so too, and so Howard’s new champion is Amy, the girl who used to play Ping-Pong alone, and as a result, developed one mean serve. That’s it though. She can only serve, and doesn’t know how to actually play with another person, but her serve will be enough to win the game. Seeing the TARDIS in her future, Bernadette plays dirty again and asks what Sheldon would think about the TARDIS being in Amy’s house…Amy is intrigued. If this doesn’t get Sheldon into her bedroom, nothing will. Bernadette was right! Sheldon can’t stop going into Amy’s bedroom. The only catch is that Sheldon is in full Dr. Who getup, and is only there to tell her that they have to reset the time circuits. Still, that’s a win for Amy.




Best Bazingas!

 “Play that funky music white boy!”—Sheldon

“I’m surprised you know that reference.”—Leonard

“What reference?”—Sheldon


“Alright, Amy is in charge of pricing and being 75.”—Howard


“You are the King Kong of ping pong. You are the menace of table tennis. Put her away because I don’t have a third one.”—Howard


“I thought our friendship meant more to you.”—Howard

“So did I.”—Raj




Alejandra Torres is a 21 year old from Miami, Florida. She graduated from Florida International University with a degree in English Literature. She loves books, television, and movies. Some of her other favorite things include: leftovers (food—not the show), cookie dough, and her pet poodles, Benji and Bella. She hates Miami traffic but loves XM radio, so basically, it’s complicated. In a battle between contacts or trendy, oversized glasses, the latter wins because lets face it, contacts are a lot more dangerous than some people might think. Her latest binge victim was Parks & Recreation. She “literally” got through six seasons faster than the Millennium Falcon kicks into warp speed. Her favorite shows include: Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars—because it doesn’t matter whether a girl is from Dragonstone or Rosewood, fashion is key.