TV Review: ‘The 100’ 3×01 “Wanheda: Part One”


The 100 has finally returned after what seemed like an eternal hiatus. Its first episode back did not disappoint as it picks up three months after the destruction of Mount Weather. It focused on showing us where everyone is at after all the chaos that broke out and definitely set up all our characters for the rest of the season.

The Ark people and grounders are attempting to live in peace, except the Ice Nation who they try to stay away from. But as Bellamy mentions, peace isn’t a concept that truly exists to people on Earth.

We are immediately reunited with the gang (minus Clarke of course) and things aren’t what they used to be. Jasper is a wreck. He’s belligerently drunk and it appears to be a habitual thing. Understandable after having watched as his girlfriend died in his arms.

But anyways, the crew goes to explore section seven and Octavia is following on horseback. She’s apparently still living as a grounder even though Indra has ostracized her. My favorite moment of the episode is when they are rolling down the terrain blasting the music singing at the top of their lungs. Even Jasper forgets about his pain and pops his head out through the sunroof, arms free in the air. It was a moment where we could see they’re still young teenagers. In that moment, they forgot about their responsibilities and the feeling of ever impending death upon them. They were wild, young and free, it was a beautiful sight. All that came to a screeching halt when they hear a beacon from the ark go off in sector eight, the Farm Station, also known as Azgeda. This is where Monty’s parents and Miller’s boyfriend live, so it was a no brainer that they had to go and investigate.

They run into a couple of men on horseback from Ice Nation who are ferociously looking for a girl named Wanheda. No one has heard of anyone by that name and before any convo can continue, Jasper single-handedly decides to ruin everything as he lunges on one of the guys to retrieve the beacon he carried. In return, the guy goes for Jasper’s throat, as the blood is spewing out from his neck, Jasper begins to laugh. Yes, laugh. Mentally unstable is an understatement. His friends had to break the rules of engagement and shoot the Ice Nation men. So much for keeping the peace.

Kane doesn’t seem to mind so much this time because there are more important matters at hand. Bellamy and Monty meet with him while the rest of the group returns to the base. Kane is surprisingly with Indra. She brings news that EVERYONE is on the hunt for Clarke.

The Grounders believe that when you kill someone you receive the power they carried. Clarke is the most powerful person on the planet since she destroyed Mount Weather on her own. Her defeat of the Mountain people also weakened Lexa’s authority. Everyone’s looking for Clarke, now better known as the Wanheda– the commander of death!

Bellamy, Monty, Kane and Indra decide to find Clarke to warn her but instead get caught in a trap. Their jeep has been purposely collapsed in between two huge tree trunks and there’s no way to know who set it up. It’s possible we could be introduced to a whole new group of people.

The 100 -- "Wanheda: Part One" -- Image HU301D_0124 -- Pictured (L-R) Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia and Devon Bostick as Jasper -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Meanwhile back at the Ark, Raven, Octavia and Jasper arrive to get him medical treatment. But Raven is needing some help too, her hip problem is worsening to the point that she needs assistance to get off a horse. However, she wants to continue keeping the front that everything is okay, completely pushing Abby’s advice away. Abby points out that Raven pushed away Wick too which I hope doesn’t mean we won’t see any more of him this season.

Raven hits Abby back with some cold hard truth too. Abby is wearing too many hats that she ends up doing both jobs as chancellor and doctor badly. She’s keeping busy to stop herself from facing the pain of not knowing where her child has been these past months. It’s no wonder these girls are friends despite the age difference, they have the same emotional baggage.

In other news, Jasper is refusing medical treatment, so that’s great news for everybody. Not!

The tension between Octavia and Lincoln is high! Lincoln is staying with the Sky people and Octavia can’t seem to bear him wearing a guard jacket. She believes they’re only using him. He believes there shouldn’t be a “them” or “us” in order for there to be peace. It looks like these two are growing more distant because of their beliefs. But when Lincoln finds her sleeping on the floor in the forest he lays next to her wrapping his arms around her — the truest love we have seen on The 100.

We also get some insight on what Murphy has been enduring these past three months locked in a chamber where videos of Chris, the founder of A.L.I.E, show him shooting himself before the nuclear war began. We also see Becca, who is the form the hologram takes, and discover what they believed was the root problem of society: too many people. Gulp.

Murphy is about to shoot himself with the same revolver that Chris did but decides not to and in that instant the doors open. He runs to the mansion nearby where he finds Jaha. Murphy passes out when he tries to attack him and awakens to find himself groomed. He sees Jaha except he’s not really there, he’s in the City of Light. Murphy isn’t digging it.

He decides to run away but remembers he has no idea where to go. Jaha meets him on the shore and tells him to go with him. Murphy is weary of him after he watched him push someone into the sea as monster bait. I mean, I totally understand why Murphy would feel this way. Remember, he has always been betrayed by every authority figure he’s had in his life. Poor guy has tons of issues.

His friend he met in the desert, Emori, is on the boat and he decides to leave with them and Jaha — there’s not a better choice. Jaha places a blue pill (the gateway to the City of Light) in Murphy’s pocket so that he can think about it. But the City of Light goes against everything that Murphy has ever known about himself. Now to wait and see where this boat will lead them to…


Meanwhile our own Wanheda is killing panthers with her bare hands. You know, the usual for a teenager. She’s a habitual visitor to a trading post where she exchanges her kill for food, supply and drink. Niylah is the owner’s daughter and also Clarke’s new lover. She wakes up abruptly and slyly leaves. But right at the exit there’s a grounder hunter waiting for her. Wanheda has been captured.

Part two will let us know what will happen to our commander of death. The bright side of this all is that Clarke will be back to her blonde hair (thank god).

This episode has set the ground work for this whole season which has been said to get even darker than before.

I’m excited to see what unfolds!

Rating: 7.5/10

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