TV Review: Supergirl 2×02 “The Last Children of Krypton”


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Season two of Supergirl debuted it’s second episode this week and further strengthens the belief that the move to The CW was ultimately a good one for the series in terms of invigorating the show with livelier story-lines. However, there are some moments and/or changes that I must take issue with which I’ll touch on before I highlight the three best aspects of this weeks episode.

Things that had me rolling my eyes:

*The use of Winn and James was terrible this week for two very different reasons and might showcase the one real negative effect of the channel move as the series is demonstrating an implicit need to align itself with the statuesque. In this case it meant back tracking the romance between James and Kara (as covered last week) and in an upsetting turn, writing Winn as a Felicity/Cisco hybrid knockoff. Both Cisco and Felicity ended up as break out characters on their respective shows but the transparent shift in Winns character from slightly awkward but intelligent to quippy wunderkind is distracting and a poor use of Jeremy Jordan. The fact that James makes one single appearance in the episode doesn’t bestow confidence in viewers either on just how well they’ll be able to write for the character.

*This is even more soured by the introduction of Karas new boss. Replacing Cat Grant was always going to be an uphill, unenviable battle for the Supergirl team, especially if they wanted to recreate the dynamic she and Kara shared that ended up being the heart of the show. Choosing a grumpy, middle aged man who demeans her seems like a big, gaping step down, especially on what is typically such a female friendly show.

What had me feeling stronger, better emotions:

*Tyler Hoechlin has been both a genuine delight and surprise as Clark Kent/Superman, helped greatly by a script that understands the essence of the character and a performance that isn’t afraid to be humble and quietly confident to make room for Melissa Benoist to still lead the show. Superman is a larger than life presence but Hoechlin does wonders in making him feel immediately ingrained in the series and I could see him being utilized later in the series. His departure was a bitter sweet moment because we’ll miss the character but to stay any long would to risk stealing too much of our heroines spotlight. It was a welcome addition that made an already hopeful and cheerful show just that much brighter.

*However no goodbye got to me as greatly as a tearful, heartfelt one shared by Cat and Kara, both of whom who have put some incredible work into these characters and their relationship. Cat is more than just a mentor to Kara and Kara more than just an employee. They’ve found a sense of family in one another expressed by their tearful hug and Cat’s shaky hand as she reaches out to touch the side of Kara’s face. While I understand that the logistics made it impossible for Calista Flockhart on full time, the show is loosing an immeasurable asset and I’ll be curios (and tentative) to see just how and where the show takes the story from here.




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*Seeing just how all of the characters are working together make me more than a little giddy. Seeing Martian Manhunter, Supergirl and Superman working together only heightened by anticipation for the impending multi-show crossover where we get as close to a Justice League team up before the film is released. However it is moments such as Supergirl and Alex and Superman and Martian Manhunter working together and setting aside their differences to save the day that make superhero shows such hot properties. We want to see good triumph over evil and we want to see people come together who might not normally under regular day to day circumstances. While I’m not pleased with how some characters are being integrated (re: Winn and James) I am pleased to see how the show handles the rest of their group dynamic.

What did you think about the episode?

Rating: 8/10



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