TV Review: Supergirl (1×14) “Truth, Justice and the American Way”


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First things first, apologies for my lengthy absence in reviewing this delightful series. “Truth, Justice and the American Way” was a strong, entertaining episode of the series so far. Directed by Lexi Alexander the episode didn’t manage to drop any of it’s heavy handedness, nor did it managed to avoid an awkwardly staged piece of choreography in the final fight scene, but it sets up a lot moving forward as well as highlighting what continues to be the best aspects of the show-the relationships.

Here are the three biggest highlights of the episode this week.

Cat Grant and James 

In a completely surprising scene this week we got Cat and James talking about the morality of journalism and wanting not only to tell the truth to be good journalists but also to be good people. Cat’s storyline of her big break involving an charismatic actor who was abusing his wife behind closed doors was both insightful to the character but also poignant for a series that is so much about celebrating womanhood. Cat admits that she was influenced by her editors and the big movie producers into writing a non-committal piece, nothing that could possibly damage the actors career. Then, she tells James, soon after that same actor shot and killed his wife and now she is left to wonder each day what would have happened if she had told the truth.

There are a number of reasons why this scene stands out and Cat Grants evolution as a character continues to be something of a marvel. What also works beautifully is that the way it’s written never blames Cat, nor does it sugar coat the ugly reality of the situation. What young, up and coming writer would feel confident enough to take such a big risk? But also, how could someone not try and help out a woman being abused? It’s a weighty topic and it’s one tackled with skill and delivered with a quiet power by Calista Flockhart.

Kara and James

I guess I should just say that I have a hard time getting through any episode of Supergirl where I don’t find James to be a highlight. I bought his struggle this week and his confrontation with Kara rang a tad on the nose about being a just hand of power, especially when he new what Max Lord was capable of. Despite this, he definitely was right and Kara knew this too. The two continue to have palpable chemistry together and their last scene together when he asks her to tell Lucy the truth was full of unspoken words. He’s given her a very tough choice to work out and I’m curious to see how it would be to have Lucy on the inside.

Morally Gray 

Supergirl isn’t exactly a show known for playing in the gray areas. While it would have been foolish to believe it would ever reach Arrow levels of angst it wouldn’t have been nearly as so to believe it would hover somewhere near The Flash, a show that’s ultimately lighthearted but isn’t afraid to go dark and emotional when need be. Instead, the show has decided more often than not to home in on the sunnier disposition of Kara and Supergirl and her abundant joy at being a hero. This certainly isn’t a bad thing but it makes storylines such as this weeks all the more surprising as we watch each character deal with the ramifications of possibly bad choices. Kara must deal with deciding if it was wrong to lock up Max, James about whether he should tells Lucy the truth and even more significantly, Alex if whether she should tell Kara the truth Astra.

There’s quite a few lies dangling by the end of the episode and with a murderous uncle out to get her and her planet, Supergirl is going to have quite a bit to deal with in the upcoming weeks.

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