TV Review: Stitchers – “The One That Got Away”



This week’s episode of Stitchers not only incorporated Fisher’s past into the mix, but it also brought a familiar face back into Camille’s life. This episode was a strong one, finding a balance between danger, sibling bonds and relationships. Stitcher’s is only getting better and better this season, with tonight’s episode possibly being the best one so far.

Fisher’s old boss from the force is murdered and it’s up to the team to figure out what exactly happened for Fisher’s sake. It turns out she was looking into a case from her past and the murderer killed her when he realized that he might get caught. Stitching into her first leads them to the roommate of one of the victim’s, who doesn’t remember much. They end up at a cop bar trying to wait out the refractory period, where Kirsten and Cameron get a free couple’s therapy session from a helpful therapist. A Camsten shipper after our own heart!

Stitching back in helps Kirsten notice that a pill bottle from the crime scene was stolen, which once again has us meeting the roommate. He claims that he took it to sell on the streets and that the victim got it from a doctor who was known for being a little too friendly with his prescription pad. Anyone who would visit this doctor could get the chance to get these pills which eventually got him fired. Tracking him down should have been easy, and it was, but his body wasn’t exactly alive when Kirsten and Fisher find him.

Kirsten and Fisher are distracted enough for Cameron (who is on the bench this week for chasing a potential threat) to meet with that therapist again, yes the Camsten shipper, but it’s not all fun and games. He gave me the creeps from the moment he showed up and even his shipping ways didn’t sway me. Looks like I was right because he turned out to be the Ripper this whole time! The classic ”helper on the case turns out to be the killer” twist was played out very well with Cameron facing off with him when he confesses. Cameron was the perfect choice to play opposite the killer this week, and frankly the free advice about Kirsten didn’t hurt.

The Ripper explains that he tried to help the people who ended up dead, he even recommended that they visit the doctor who then prescribed pills to fix their issues without actually listening or trying to help.



The best part of the killer almost shooting Cameron and threatening our sanity had to be what happened towards the end of the episode. Cameron takes the Ripper’s words to heart, knowing that he will be at piece with his feelings for Kirsten no matter what. But he also takes that chance to confront Kirsten, acknowledging that he knows that she saw how he feels about her when she stitched into him. He doesn’t push for anything, just wants everything out on the table. The two don’t get together, they do talk about their feelings and somehow that is even better. Kirsten admits that feeling everything all at once is something she is still dealing with and she needs some time to figure all of it out. It’s not a yes, but it’s not a no. It’s a maybe, the promise of something happening in the future and that is the perfect conclusion to the what happens now question.

Kirsten and Cameron getting together now wouldn’t be sudden but it would be too soon, their relationship is only growing for the better and it’s amazing to watch their friendship strengthen before they do something about their feelings. Cameron is at peace, knowing that Kirsten isn’t denying that she feels something too and that they have a chance later on. Kirsten can finally stop hiding that she knows what Cameron feels for her and how she feels for him. Kudos to the writers for finding the perfect pacing for a couple that could develop into a very dynamic relationship for the show. They have a lot of supporters already and this is the perfect way not to rush the couple but also not to pretend like the chemistry and the potential isn’t there. Writers often make the mistake of ignoring a couple that they have planned for later in the game instead of utilizing their chemistry in a way that doesn’t make anything happen too soon but also doesn’t completely disengage the audience. Stitchers has reached that sweet spot and I can’t wait to see how they move on from here.

Camille’s brother makes a startling appearance in the middle of the night and if you think you know him, you don’t. Camille doesn’t make him feel very welcome from the very start and at first it doesn’t make much sense — she describes it as wanting to leave her past in the past but obviously there is more to it. We don’t know much just that Camille is not treating Theo kindly, trying to get him to leave and basically coming off as the mean sister in the sibling relationship. Theo appeals to Camille’s friends and she is left looking like the one in the wrong, but not for long.

Linus wants to meet Theo since their relationship has reached the ”meet the family” part but only for him. His heart is in the right place but sadly Theo’s is not when it turns out he owes some people money and they are not going to stop until they find him. Camille tells him to leave her house, not looking to get into all of this past drama but Theo doesn’t exactly go far. He crashes at Linus’s which works at first, until Camille is invited to figure things out with her brother over lunch. Things go far from well with Theo putting down Camille and Linus finally putting his foot down. Now I didn’t expect Theo to stick around after this but it looks like he will be stirring up trouble next week too. I can’t wait to see where Camille will go from here and what this means for the siblings in general.

The best part of this new season in my mind are the friendships. Fisher is molding into the group dynamic, especially with Camille and I have to say that this was the best change they could have made for the new season. The family feel that we get from this group of people is refreshing and far from forced. Their interactions are the comedic glue that holds the more serious parts of the plot together. Among the death and the stitching, watching our favorites hanging out and having fun mixes well as a whole for the show.

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