TV Review: Stitchers – “The Dying Shame”



Stitchers picked up the pace this week, making sure to confuse us even more before the episode ended. Kirsten might be on her way to a breaking point and it looks like she has less people in her corner than we thought. She is slowly taking large steps back from her Stitchers team which has us more worried than anything else.

This week’s mystery is centered on an artist who was found dead. She was being blackmailed by a paparazzo who had pictures of her with a man who was definitely not her husband. She fought with her bodyguard about this and when she went to apologize she instead found her unconscious. Coco was grabbed by a man from behind who wanted to know the whereabouts of someone else and that is when she met her death.

The paparazzo was found dead and his camera was missing. Whoever Coco was seen with must have been involved with her death. Her bodyguard plans to find her killer because all she knows so far is that she was drugged when Coco found her. Someone spiked her water and she has no clue what happened after.

The mysterious man turns out to be her father who was guilty for insider trading. He is supposed to be locked up in a Chinese prison but he was actually in LA the whole time. The killer wanted to find him through Coco, which he ends up doing before Fisher can make his way there.



But the most interesting part came in the middle of the stitch when a person looking out for Kirsten manifested themselves in her memory of a younger Cameron. He appeared in the red hat because Kirsten trusts him the most and he tells Kirsten that this person will leave something for her at her doorstep. She doesn’t open up and Cameron telling her that he is worried doesn’t help her. She pushes him away, telling him to go to Nina and I think this will only get worse. Kirsten isn’t trusting anyone right now and it looks like the note that she found won’t be shared with anyone.

Am I the only one still not buying this Cameron/Nina romance? Nina is adorable but their relationship isn’t really doing it for me, which actually makes a lot of sense. While we may have seen the couple’s first meeting and their interactions later on, it’s a little empty. The audience needs to fall in love with a couple in order to root for them and that requires an insight into just about every aspect of their relationship. From meeting, to first date, to relationship. Usually if a couple grows away from the viewers eye, they don’t last very long. I am not sure if Stitchers will follow this pattern, but I wouldn’t be completely unhappy with that option.

Cameron is having some issues with Nina wanting to stay at his place, and if that’s not a sign I don’t really know what is. And things don’t exactly get better when he points out to Kirsten that her focus on finding her dad’s first wife can’t end well. He warns her that he might have to tell Maggie, which somehow turns into Kirsten meeting Nina. Kirsten is trying to prove to Cameron that she isn’t obsessed with this search and there really is no better way than inviting your crush’s new girlfriend over for some awkward dinner. Unfortunately the only one feeling awkward is Cameron. Nina can’t help bringing up all the compliments that he showers Kirsten with when she isn’t around, which is very interesting. But when our favorite pair isn’t looking, Nina stumbles upon Kirsten’s wall of formulas that are meant to lead to her father somehow. Instead it made Cameron more worried for her than anything else which I am starting to agree with.

Camille and Liam are still a not so real thing. Camille has him wrapped around her finger, which makes sense because who wouldn’t adore her? But the more she works on loosening up Liam, the more I worry for Linus. Camille is an amazing actress, but how far is she willing to go?

Fisher had a tough time with his ego when Coco’s bodyguard tricked him and handcuffed him to a bike rack. The humor that the show has taken on this season is a fun shake up and it mixes well. The cast pulls it off effortlessly and it fits in the plot without feeling especially forced. It makes sense to have it and frankly I would love to see Fisher in these types of situations every week.

This episode really pushed the personal plot that Kirsten is dealing with, it infiltrated her work space and I think she will fall apart before she will share everything with her team. She can’t tackle this alone but she will try to and that will only result in more trouble in my opinion.

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  • CamstenCupcake

    Another great recap Yana!
    I love worried Cameron but this episode showed that Kirsten is still Kirsten. When she’s dealing with something really confusing, she still doesn’t share it with anyone. Maybe to protect them, maybe cause she doesn’t know who she can trust or cause she wants to be the one in control. I agree with you, I see Kirsten having a break down or at least a freak out before the season ends. I hope she’s gonna let Cameron in soon enough, or that Cameron will manage to get through to her! I get that Kirsten really wants to find her dad, but getting obsessed never ends well.
    I’m so curious, I really wanna know who the person behind the red cap guy is. Maybe someone related to her dad, or someone related to the Stitchers program. Or both.
    About Cameron & Nina, I did really like Nina before and during dinner. I like that she gets along with Kirsten well. I still believe she’s a rebound. Of course Cameron really likes her cause they share the same interests, but he won’t ever stop caring about Kirsten and loving her.
    I LOVED the awkward dinner, especially when Nina tells Kirsten how Cameron described her! BEST part of the episode! With their looks and their awkward smiles, it’s so obvious they both love each other. I hope we’ll see Nina slowly starting to realize that, could be interesting! Cameron & Kirsten weren’t feeling comfortable with the dinner idea, but they tried to ignore that. I love how Kirsten just wants to see Cameron happy, that’s real love!
    I’m really curious to see the fall out of Camille/Liam! The reactions of everyone, it’s gonna be really good! Can’t wait till the next ep!

  • Dean Vukovic

    great episode and great show. I really hope her real dad finally comes back and she finds him and hopefully they will do that good in show and I believe her dad is somwhere on hig level working on some projects. Hopefully they will explain properly why he left her it must do with something very secret but they are still not explaining or not even showing him in season 2 which I believe they should…