TV Review: Stitchers – “Midnight Stitcher”



This week Stitchers messed with our minds and our hearts. From rejected dates to dangerous plots to shocking surprises, Stitchers doesn’t fail to disappoint, reminding us yet again why we are falling for this show even more this season.

This episode revolves around Kirsten digging more into her father’s past and stitching into a woman’s mind who she thinks might have something to do with her father. She is still dealing with the fact that her dad had a first wife and then the body of the woman is found with a note referencing K.C

Maggie agrees that this might be personal so they have to pass it by the director before they proceed, something the Stitch team ignores in favor of sneaking and stitching at night. During the stitch Kirsten disappears in the stitch when it literally falls apart in front of her. She is caught in between, even floating higher in the water which freaked me out all on it’s own.

All signs pointed to a guy who was a little obsessed with Sandy, but it wasn’t him. This leads Cameron and Camille to Sandy’s boyfriend, who tells them about a girl named Kim. She became fast friends with Sandy, which caused her to withdraw from everyone else in her life but Kim. Her boyfriend keeps mentioning some mediation tapes of Kim’s that she left behind that actually turns out to be some kind of brainwashing audio. It almost causes the boyfriend to jump off the roof but Cameron stops him, discovering the scar on his arm that proves he pushed Sandy to her death.

The weird side effects of the stitch doesn’t stop with the floating. Kirsten has a dream and from it she ends up sleep walking outside. She doesn’t actually remember what happened and she thinks she went to check on something then went back to sleep. She won’t share what happened with anyone but Camille because she thinks she won’t be allowed to stitch into Sandy again.

Kirsten and the team figure out that Kim pitched an idea to a director about her experiences with brainwashing people into becoming an assassin. He stole her idea, sued her and released a movie with the information she gave him. Kim Charles (K.C) saw that Sandy booked a role in this movie and she got close to her to brainwash her into killing the director. Kirsten ends up hearing the brainwashing audio and pulls a gun on Fisher. She jams the system and gets activated by Kim as an assassin, all of this came from her stitching into Sandy and inheriting her established brainwashing program.



The plan is for Kirsten to be controlled into killing the director, something she almost does if it wasn’t for Cameron standing in her way. He talks to her, asking her to break free from this brainwashing program. He says he is willing to die for her again and that is just unfair. If Cameron’s face didn’t change Kirsten’s mind I would have been shocked. Kirsten breaks out and shoots Kim. This week’s mystery ends on a sad note when we realize that this didn’t lead to Kirsten’s father meaning everything is back to square one.

Camille and Linus are on cloud nine this week, sharing some pretty adorable moments before they out the existence of Nina to Kirsten bright and early in the morning. Kirsten seems unaffected but we all know that as much as she believes this is good for Cameron, she isn’t a fan of a new girl in his life.

Camille has an exciting episode, working on her workout craft and then running interception between Kirsten and her ex Liam. Remember him? He was almost engaged to Kirsten until he wasn’t and Camille makes it very clear to him that he has no chance. This honesty widens Liam’s eyes not to Kirsten but to Camille, with him even asking to see her again. Awkward …

That is until Camille agrees to workout with Liam and makes up an excuse when Linus says he wants to spend some time with her. Her conversation with Fisher about this doesn’t shed any light on where her head is at which might make it that much more intriguing. Liam and Camille have a heart to heart (more from Liam’s side than Camille’s) which has Liam flirting pretty heavily which just no.

Speaking of couples that we can’t wrap our heads around, Cameron and Nina are on a date and it’s nice in a simple sort of way. I get why we are supposed to like them together, everything seems to flow pretty easily for them because there is no drama in their way. That might be appealing to some but when everything is simple there is never any passion. Cameron chose Nina because she is the girl he would have ended up with had he never met Kirsten, a nice girl who likes comics and brings nothing crazy into the mix. They might have even had a happy life but when you end up in a world like this one, filled with crime and stitching and drama, Cameron is forced to shift what he envisions as his future. Kirsten may have very well never crossed his path but in this universe they did and now Cameron can’t be happy with Nina when Kirsten exists as well.

We saw this even more when Cameron stood in the possible line of fire because he wanted to bring Kirsten back to her old self. No matter who he is with Cameron always makes Kirsten a priority, reacting more to the sight of her than he did in a whole night with Nina. It’s effortless and frankly quite obvious how much these two really stand out against Cameron and Nina.

I don’t think I will ever stop mentioning how great it is to see Fisher in a bigger role. It looks like so far his job isn’t in the police force but in the Stitcher office as a personal therapist to the team. He helps Camille this week but he is always around now to help anyone who needs his advice. This family feel that the show has gained only gets better each week and I hope Fisher doesn’t stop comforting all the team members like it’s his actual job.

The end of this episode reveals two big shockers to us, Maggie and Camille planned her meeting Liam. Essentially everything that we saw was a ploy to win over Liam’s trust to protect Kirsten. And Fisher finds where Kirsten’s dad’s first wife is. It’s two very different plot twists coming together to both protect and put Kirsten at risk.

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  • CamstenCupcake

    I love what you said about Cameron & Kirsten compared to Cameron & Nina! I totally agree! Cameron will always care and worry about Kirsten, and someday Nina will realize that there’s another girl in Cameron’s life. Of course Nina is a nice girl and now she doesn’t know that or what Cameron’s job is. I’m curious what Cameron will tell her about his job, cause Kirsten telling Liam she works at a video game company really didn’t work at all!
    This episode was really good! I loved how Cameron & Kirsten were kind of back to normal (instead of things staying awkward for way too long). Cameron’s speech was just the best, he knows exactly what to say to her and how to help her! I love it so much!
    I think Cameron turned down Kirsten’s offer to hang out cause he’s finally used to the idea of them being just friends for now and he doesn’t wanna open that door again. I understand that but I also think he’s crazy for turning her down!
    Can’t wait to see how Maggie & Camille working together to keep an eye on Liam is gonna turn out. Linus won’t like it, and Kirsten & Cameron won’t either.
    Fisher’s like the big brother of the team. I like it!

  • sillylittlefangirl

    Great review!
    Specially loved your opening statement!

    “…Stitchers doesn’t fail to disappoint, reminding us yet again why we are falling for this show even more this season.”

    It’s true! The show just gets better and better after each episode! Season 2’s writing really took off by leaps and bounds. It’s the same show yet it isn’t but in a very good way! Everyone has evolved and continues on evolving. The characters are truly the heart of this show and they know it and they give importance to it.