TV Review: Steven Universe (3×12) “Restaurant Wars”

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Sadly, “Restaurant Wars” is a kooky, somewhat promising idea with no real character development.

Although Ronaldo has a girlfriend! Well, had.

Really, “Restaurant Wars” seems like a tedious reintroduction to the Fryman and Pizza families, just in time for “Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service” and presumably other similar ventures.

So the Fryman and Pizza family businesses go to war and not a lot happens. Steven tries a Romeo and Juliet approach to get the businessmen to stop feuding and he manages to blow their minds with a superior restaurant.

So I’ll largely ignore the pretty boring main plot of Mr. Fryman and Kofi Pizza picking up their restaurant wars and instead go into the flourishes by our more interesting characters: Jenny Pizza, Kiki Pizza, and, most importantly, Ronaldo Fryman.

Kiki’s relationship with her cool kid sister (who apparently loves metal concerts) is given a quick nod as Jenny calls her twin the most beautiful girl in Beach City, but the major development is that Ronaldo has a girlfriend. After he voices his concerns about her finding out, the device has been planted, and anyone in the audience should know that he’s about to lose her.

Ronaldo cries several times throughout the episode after it happens, and it feels a little…callous. Ronaldo accurately predicted a lot about the lore of Steven Universe in ways that quite a few fans could, but his pain is still played like a joke. I’m wondering if he’s about to get his moment. But alas, he’s the butt of the joke here, the sole casualty in the uneventful restaurant wars.

Score: 5/10

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