TV Review: Shadowhunters 2×07 “How Are Thou Fallen”

Clary and Jace saved an angel. You read that right, an angel. Ithuriel ended up being the one who had been calling to Clary this entire episode. It also revealed to the characters that angels are real, and that Valentine somehow has the power to capture them. Lucky for Ithuriel he gave the siblings a vision of something. It didn’t really make sense, but it will down the road.

What made Ithuriel’s involvement great was how everyone reacted to him. Valentine could care less if he was a being of pure good, which solidified how far he’s really willing to go in order to achieve his goals. Cleophas instantly changed sides once she knew Ithuriel was real and on Earth, which was the most shocking part of the episode. She was so taken back that she wanted nothing to do with Valentine and was determined to free the angel. Jace and Clary were shocked to see Ithuriel, especially when he flew away. His mere presence also showed how much of a mystery the beings are to everyone. Shadowhunters act as if they’re above mundanes, but as stated last episode they can be as in the dark as they people they protect.

Clary is definitely getting better as a character. She’s able to play the part she needs to and that came in handy when she needed to show Cleophas that she was on her side. There was also that small moment when Clary was hearing Ithuriel’s voice and thought she it was  Cleophas’ doing and attacked her. On the rooftop fight she joined in and helped her brother out. This is the Clary that needs to be seen for the rest of the season. She should be strong and resilient.

Jace was disappointing this episode. After being driven out he’s decided to cope by spending his time on multiple women, which is completely out of character. It was hard to try and believe that would be his coping mechanism. He did have a nicer moment with Simon in the bar, but he was rude, and could’ve gotten in him in more trouble for the stunt he pulled. This current Jace feels odd, and it feels very out of character.

Simon is having better days, but not completely. After following Jace’s advice he only made Maia mad, which he should’ve seen coming, but it shows that he’s not completely confident yet. Then there was the part where Maia revealed that she knows how he feels about Clary, and she told him to tell her how he feels. Hopefully he’ll do this in the next episode and everyone will know for sure where the two of them stand. Personally, I like Simon with Maia better, but hey, that’s me.

On the topic of werewolves, Luke wasn’t sentimental to see his sister, or his parabatai. Luke’s anger and scepticism felt right. How could he forgive a family member that betrayed him and called him a monster. This episode did a good job of not having him become a cliche and forgive his sister simply because they’re family. It made his character feel more realistic. The mention of Valentine being his parabatai was a noticeable moment. It’s hard to forget how close the two of them use to be when they were younger, but their love for Jocelyn tore them apart.

On the topic of relationships there’s Magnus and Alec. The shadowhunter got his boyfriend a gift and it really touched his heart. The show does a good job reminding the audience that warlocks have to deal with a lot when they’re immortal, and Magnus hasn’t received something like a gift in a long time. Alec is becoming special to him. The question is if those feelings will remain that they’ve had sex. It’s a big step in a relationship, and Alec has never done it before. It could change everything.

Last but not least is Izzy. Her addiction is kicking into full gear and the only one who knows about it is Aldertree who was gone this episode. Without her supply of vampire toxin she was losing it. She went to a dealer for some, but Magnus was there to stop her. It was odd that he didn’t realize that she was lying when she said she was on an assignment, but we’ll look past it. Izzy then tried to get Simon to bite her which scared him, but she was able to save herself by saying it was a joke. This interaction really showed how much she wants more. She finally found some vampires that she could ask, but it’s unclear what happened next. Hopefully they don’t turn her.

Rating: 8/10

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