TV Review: Shadowhunters (2×01) “This Guilty Blood”

Shadowhunters is back and better than ever!

One of the best things about Shadowhunters season two premiere was that it showed the viewers how crazy Valentine is, as not only the villain, but also a father. His brutality is seen with the test at the beginning of the episode to see if Jace would continue to kill him, the way he let his son get beat up for not being loyal, and that guy’s face he burned off through the barrier on the side of the ship. Let’s not forget the fact that he willingly injected his son with Downworlder blood in order to make him a great weapon. Who does that? Then there was that scene where he thought spaghetti would help mend their relationship. Clearly, he’s not winning father of the year, and this was the type of behavior that needed to be displayed last season, but now the show has a chance to reveal his nature and show where his mind is at.

As for Jocelyn, she’s not doing better in the parent department. It was nice to see that she didn’t hate Simon for what he has turned into. She was shocked, but overall the episode didn’t reveal any negative feelings. Yet, she didn’t exactly do a good job at being the mom Clary expected. She locked her daughter and her friend in shed to go off and kill her son, which was a shocking end to the episode. Her intentions for that action is unclear at the moment, but both parents are doing a great job when it comes to their son.

It’s unclear where Clary’s path will take her this season. She now has to save the guy she fell in love with who happens to be her brother. Her mom is now trying to kill her brother for some reason. Also, the villain happens to be her father. She seems to doing better than one naturally would be doing if they had to deal with all of these issues. She’s not a emotional wreck like she was at the beginning of season one and is able to keep her emotions in check in a way. Her powers are improving as she was able to easily mimic Aldertree and escaped the Institute, though, that might be more commentary on the Institute’s security than her own powers.

Unfortunately for Simon, even though his power has grown, he still can’t seem to catch a break. He got kicked out of the Institute because he’s a Downworlder. The werewolves wouldn’t let him stay inside the restaurant. He also choked when it came to telling Clary about his feelings. Hopefully all of that changes, and he won’t have a season like the last one, but he needs to be more assertive.

Izzy didn’t do much this episode except for helping Clary, but Alec was in rage mode. Jace missing was sending him into anger where he was ready to snap at everyone. Even Magnus wasn’t able to calm him down, since Alec snapped on him as well. It goes to show how Jace is pretty much above everyone when it comes to Alec’s feelings. He was willing to try and find him even though the spell could kill him. That definitely made Alec’s feelings for Jace apparent to Magnus, who handled it better than expected. But how long will he be able to play second string to Jace?

This episode showed that this season is going to have more action and drama than the last. It’s going to be interesting seeing how the characters deal with the inclusion of parents, a new director and new statuses.


Shadowhunters airs @ Mondays @ 8/7c on Freeform.

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