TV Review: Shadowhunters (1×09) “Rise Up”


This week’s Shadowhunters displayed how things can happen a lot faster than these characters expect. For instance, Simon has slowly learned to accept his new lifestyle. In the beginning of the episode, he was still really upset about being turned into a vampire. He wanted nothing to do with Raphael and did not want to listen to anything anyone was trying to tell him. If that wasn’t good enough, it was even better when Raphael quickly gave up on his new vampire and decided to wait for him to show up to the hotel. If it wasn’t for Clary being persistent then who knows what might have happened. He might have gone on a killing spree. He almost attacked his mom before Clary came in.

Simon’s mother did notice how strange he was acting before and after Clary arrived. She knows something is up with her son, and she’s not going to rest until she finds out the answer. It’s nice to see that this show is taking into account everyone’s feelings. It makes the series feel more grounded if characters act like they would in real life. Other shows portrayals of parents might have them completely oblivious to their kids’ actions, but not in Shadowhunters. It’s interesting to think about what excuse he will give to his mother to explain enough of his behavior so that she won’t worry too much about him.

Simon’s mother wasn’t the only one that was worried about someone. Izzy had to worry about her man Meliorn. It turned out that The Clave believed the Seelie to be giving away valuable secrets. For this, they wanted to punish him with a death sentence. Of course that didn’t sit well with Isabelle and it even got her to change back a little bit. That feature made her more interesting because it showed how much she actually cares for him despite the more serious persona she’s been trying to put on. It also breaks her previous persona that seemed to be more about playing the field than sticking to one guy. In any case, he’s definitely important to her because with Clary’s help they were able to put a team together in order to go save him.

Back to the person that doesn’t need to be saved: Simon. Further into the episode, he finds out who actually turned him into a vampire. This doesn’t sit well with him, but at the same time he won’t cut Clary off or hurt her. This is shown when he decides to drink blood rather than accidentally attack Clary. This displays that the strength of their friendship still stands. If the two of them can see past their new lives, then they can make it through a lot more, which is something it seems they’ll have to do. With Simon now being a Downworlder and Clary being a Shadowhunter, they’re suppose to be natural enemies. If the two of them won’t be enemies, it’ll be curious to see how their world might try to make them foes.

A character that is making a lot of foes is Alec. Where do I start with that guy? First off, let’s start with the engagement. From his perspective it makes sense to go through with it, but from everyone else’s perspective (including me) he’s making a bad choice. He seems to be rushing into it simply based on his anger towards everything else. The engagement alone has upset his parents, Izzy and naturally Magnus. He also broke his bond with Clary and Jace. Clary and him were never really that close, but now they’re not any closer. Jace and Alec got into a fight. In the end Alec won, but at what cost? He cast aside his “brother,” which clearly broke Jace’s heart. Alec is burning all his bridges, and he’s not caring about the consequences. Hopefully he wakes up before it’s too late.

Side Notes: Werewolves vs vampires is still a thing. Alec needs to hook up with Magnus. Raphael needs to show leadership skills.


Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform

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