TV Review: Shadowhunters (1×06) “Of Men and Angels”

Of Men and Angels FI

This week’s Shadowhunters was the best episode of the season so far. It turned out that the most interesting parts were actually in the flashbacks about young Valentine, young Luke and young Jocelyn. Within these moments it is revealed why Valentine went off the deep end. It was all because of a love triangle! Apparently, back in the day, Valentine and Luke were parabatai. That all changed when Luke made moves for Jocelyn. Their love affair made Valentine go crazy and start juicing up on Downworlder blood. His anger also drove him to set up Luke into an ambush, which is why he became a werewolf in the first. The main point being that love triangles only cause drama, which is something these young Shadowhunters need to learn.

Aside from the awesome flashbacks, “Of Men and Angels” also introduced us to all of the Lightwood family. Not only did mama Lightwood make a reappearance, but so did Robert Lightwood, their father, and Max Lightwood, their little brother. Even though the father and little brother didn’t get as much screen time as the mom, they were able to make their own impressions. The father, still as strict as the mother, showed a little more compassion when it came to Isabelle. It’s nice to see her getting some love from a parent. He seemed to believe her more than his significant other. The little brother on the other hand, brought a small amount of humor to this episode. Seems he is a troublemaker and may even like to start fires. I wouldn’t mind seeing that little guy making mischief in another episode.

Despite all the lightheartedness that this family was able to show, it turns out that their honor is on the line. Since Alec and Isabelle have been going on rogue missions, their family is being viewed in the wrong light in the eyes of The Clave. There are two actions that could be taken, the first being that Alec will have to get married. That idea can’t end well, especially if his parents don’t know he is gay. The other action is Izzy talking the Seelie out of their current actions. As much charm as she has it’s hard to say whether or not she has what it takes to make them change, but it might be possible since at the end of the episode she seems to be dressing like her mom. Maybe a more serious Isabelle lies ahead. Who knows what she’ll be able to accomplish with a new persona, but at what cost.

Isabelle isn’t the only one who had a tough time. Jace and Simon had to go on a mission together, as if the two of them don’t like each other already, it’s only worse that they were left alone. At one point they share an argument over Clary that ends with Simon putting a knife to Jace’s throat. Jace manages to unarm him, but it could’ve gone bad for him. To make matters worse, Jace then puts a knife to his throat later. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough in this episode of the two of them “bonding.” I hope they team up again.

The real teamwork came when Magnus needed everyone’s help to save Luke’s life. It seems that the bite from an alpha is more deadly than it looks. As powerful as Magnus was said to be, he couldn’t heal Luke without the help from Alec and a potion that was a lot easier to make than it seemed. It would be nice if Magnus appeared to be as strong as everyone makes him out to be. Luke was saved though and everything turned out okay.

Side notes: Young Valentine is way more interesting than the older one. The show needs more of those awesome flashbacks. Clary needs to stop doubting being a Shadowhunter; no one likes someone who flip flops. Magnus needs an upgrade. Magnus and Alec need to kiss already!

Rating: 8/10

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform

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