TV Review: Shadowhunters (1×05) “Moo Shu to Go”

Moo Shu to Go

This week’s Shadowhunters followed up with the message Clary received from Valentine at the end of last week’s episode. It turns out Clary’s necklace is a Portal Shard. It allows her to see her mom, but also allows Valentine to see her. Unfortunately for Valentine, he’s no closer to the Mortal Cup, and he’s also no closer to being a great villain. Despite all that Alan Van Sprang brings to the character, Valentine as a whole seems to be any typical bad guy. It was nice to see that he’s working on making his own army without the cup, but it still wasn’t enough to make him feel like a force of nature. A character that definitely had power in this episode was Izzy and Alec’s mom, Maryse.

Nicola Correia-Damude must have experience with being in charge because when she entered the Institute as her character, Maryse, she walked right in like she owned the place. Once there, she wasn’t afraid to lay down the law. She sent Izzy and Jace on their own assignment dealing with the Seelie, but not before she told her daughter about how she disapproved of her Seelie infatuation. Maryse also benched Clary and put Alec on guard duty. She wasn’t seen after that but she made enough of an impression. She might easily prove to be a problem for the young Shadowhunters in the future.

Speaking of problems, Alec surely had a couple of them this week. Not only did his mom put him on the sidelines, but then Clary was able to sneak out under his watch. If that wasn’t bad enough, he then loses her a second time when she gets kidnapped. Magnus also asked him out on a date and he declined. To make matters even worse, he’s slowly losing his connection to Jace because he won’t tell him how he truly feels about him (which was nice to see Clary point out). “Moo Shu to Go” was obviously not Alec’s episode.

A character who did have a good episode this week was Simon. With one quick phone call he was back in Clary’s graces, not that he was on her bad side, but he didn’t leave the Institute on the best of terms. It seems like his vampirism is setting in. Not only is Simon displaying physical enhancements, but he’s also able to see runes now. It’s only a matter a time before the fangs drop, but the real question is how will everyone deal with his new found status.

In relation to an upgrade in status, it turns out that Luke is now the new alpha of a werewolf pack, which is great seeing as how the previous alpha (Theo) kidnapped Clary and threatened to kill Simon beforehand. The upgrade in Luke’s position definitely helped his character because before that he wasn’t really doing much. All he kept saying in previous episodes was that he needed to find Clary, but that wasn’t going anywhere. On top of that it was even worse when he found her, but was instantly knocked out by Jace, only to make it seem like he lost her again. Gladly that was erased with his saving the day and obtaining his own pack. Hopefully he uses them to his advantage and doesn’t let the power go to his head.

On the subject of power moves, it looks like the Seelie are thinking about breaking the Accords. The death of those two spies a couple episodes ago didn’t sit well with them. It seems like everyone is ready to start making plays. First it was the vampires and now it’s the Seelie. What kind of trouble might be heading the Shadowhunters way? An all out war? I called it here first if that’s the premise for season two (if there is one).

On a side note, I don’t understand why the werewolves have to turn into wolves. Why can’t they have yellow eyes, fangs and claws, and still be called werewolves. I just feel like we won’t get to see how awesome or deadly they can be based on cgi constraints. I don’t know, maybe it’s the werewolf fan in me talking.


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