TV Review: Scream Queens 2×08 “”Rapunzel, Rapunzel”


Scream Queens unmasked the final Green Meanie, and it looks like the season is just getting interesting. Grace’s dad, Wes, is back, and it doesn’t look like he’s there to win Dean Munsch over. Although if anyone is going to make it work this season, those two have the biggest chance now that Chamberlain/Zayday are truly doomed.

The connections back to the original season are making even more sense now that we know why Wes is back. He’s the third killer and probably the last person to be suspected in all this. He thought it through enough to end up in the hospital as a patient, calculating that from there he could hang around without anyone questioning his motives.

Wes was a standout last season, at least in my opinion because of how outrageous he was. At first he was just Grace’s father, but then he got involved in the search for the killer and his connection with Dean Munsch was actually worth the investment. And watching how they fell apart shortly after they ”rode off into the sunset” was a nice reminder of what happened before the hospital opened.

There was also the question of Grace and her whereabouts, which we learned twice. A mental facility makes sense since she’s not around but it doesn’t make sense that only one person out of the whole group needed some kind of psychiatric help after what happened to all of them. At least that explains Wes’s rage, which killed Chamberlain before he even got to see that Zayday needed his help.

I’m not sure if this is asking for a lot but I would really appreciate Chamberlain not dying but just bleeding a little. That is highly unlikely since we saw Wes kill him and it didn’t look like he was leaving the body there to manage to escape. But Chamberlain was a wonderful addition to the season and it just wouldn’t be the same without him, mostly because he was one of three people who actually figured out who the Green Meanie killers were.

Plus, someone needs to get Zayday out of whatever weird dungeon she’s being kept in this time around.


Now, I’m not sure if we’re supposed to just go with it but Cassidy’s mother seemed not to know what he was up

to. But now it looks like she orchestrated not only the recent murders but the original ones too, with the help of some relatives in both cases. Initially it looked like she knew nothing but now she might be an even bigger treat, especially to Zayday.

Brock and Chanel still make no sense but watching her try to connect with him was the best part of the episode. The age difference played out more realistic than I expected, although Chanel relying on social media apps was weirdly hilarious. The puppy filter is truly iconic so you can’t blame Chanel for using it so often.

At this point it looks like all the killers are in full force so there will be more deaths but will anyone else figure out who is behind all this?

Chanel #3 and Dean Munsch are the choices that make the most sense, probably because they are romantically involved with two of the killers. But the same reasons that make this a possibility also might work against them. Chanel #3 didn’t turn Cassidy in because of her feelings for him and Dean Munsch might just be blinded by the love triangle that she’s currently apart of.

Scream Queens is nearing the end of it’s season and the insight we have on all the killers just raise the stakes higher. Wes is at his prime, especially now that he killed the one person who could have traced back his crimes and Cassidy only has one person to deal with since his mom locked up Zayday.

Rating: 10/10

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