TV Review: Scream Queens 2×04 “Halloween Blues”



Chanel mourning the death of Chad Radwell might very well be the best part of this episode. Not only did she find time to go change into her Jackie Kennedy costume, but she also managed to talk to him from beyond the grave. And while that was everything I could have hoped for from a meeting with Chad Radwell, how about we don’t kill Remy. The goat was adorable, but Chad could probably do without him for a while.

Which leads to my theory about Chad not actually being dead. It’s probably impossible, but Scream Queens has had people rise from the grave before, so why not Chad Radwell?

Chad’s death was the only one we got no glimpse of, even characters that probably aren’t dead got a sequence. But we have no clue how or when this murder happened, maybe because he found out the killer’s identity, or maybe because he isn’t dead.

Now, Dean Munsch getting his money was a shock for everyone but her. She might have said she has no idea why, but what if she planned all this out with Chad? They could have both wanted to find out who the real killer was, but obviously just asking around and waiting for him to kill again wasn’t an option. Dean Munsch and Chad could have faked his death (maybe helping him also not marry Chanel, which he was probably regretting by then) and transferred his money to draw out the killer.

It would make sense why we didn’t see his death, because even if he knew who the killer was, similar to Sam in the first season, the show could have just hidden the Green Meanie’s identity. There was a reason Chad Radwell didn’t get an epic death that we all know he deserved, and I’m thinking it has to be because there was no death at all.

Now, there are two characters who actually had death sequences that we have to brainstorm about. My money is on Chanel #5 not dying, if only because the Green Meanie had two chances and didn’t bother finishing her off. He went full force on Denise, making sure she wasn’t moving before he left, and yet didn’t extend the same courtesy to Chanel #5. He stabbed her and then left, only to come back and ”kill” Denise, but not finish Chanel #5 off?

What’s going on with this Green Meanie? Hester was more efficient, and she wasn’t even the killer with the grudge in this situation. She led all the victims to the killer without getting caught herself and this Green Meanie couldn’t even finish them off correctly?

The Green Meanie was smart enough to think about how to distract everyone in the hospital from figuring out the real plan, the least this killer could do was carry his plan out until the end.

Scream Queens continues to find success with humor, and that probably won’t go away even as we find out more about the killer. But something tells me that the best parts will come from Chanel #5 announcing that she was almost killed, only to not get much support from her friends. They already think she’s the killer, could this turn out even worse for her? She’s found with Denise and everyone assumes she is the killer because there are no witnesses and she didn’t die herself. Chanel and Chanel #3 will point out that it’s probably her and things just won’t go well for her, as always.

I have faith in the show continuing with this intense pace, even if the absence of Chad Radwell will be felt for many episodes to come.

Scream Queens is picking up with more possible deaths, but will there be enough people to solve all this by the end?

Rating: 9/10

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