TV Review: Saturday Night Live with Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart SNL

Comedian Kevin Hart hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, and I have to say I was surprised that he was never part of the SNL cast. Ironically, he addressed that in his monologue. Hart said that he auditioned for SNL years ago and was asked if he could do impressions. I guess that was the downfall to his career as an SNL cast member, but he’s done well for himself. He’s on a TV show now on BET called Real Husbands of Hollywood.

This episode started off with Jay Pharoah playing President Obama, discussing the sequester. There were jokes about the different budget cuts that were coming. One of the President’s budget cuts was to let every tenth Mexican just cross the border.  In another sketch, they addressed the resigning of the Pope, and Hart played Oscar nominee, Quvenzhané Wallis, who ended up being the pope after beating out Cardinal Turkson.

Hart broke character when he played a boss of a Barnes & Noble store. Cast members played the store employees, and two employees in particular (Bobby Moynihan & Cecily Strong) decided to share their real feelings about their coworkers because they thought they were getting fired. When it turned out that the boss would only fire their oldest employee Carl (played by Tim Robinson) and got close to Hart’s character, it made him laugh so much that when tears came from his eyes as he was laughing when Hart was saying his lines.

There was also a sketch of the very popular TV show on AMC, The Walking Dead. Hart played a man named Lyle, who was turning into a zombie and was covering up his zombie-like actions by calling the other characters racists. After he was bitten, he walked with a limp, and when he was accused of being a zombie, he said he was “pimp walking.”

Musical guest Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed twice, and both were great. They led with their hit single, “Thrift Shop.” Macklemore looked very fresh and clean with his matador-like jacket, and Lewis was wearing a fur coat. His band was great with the trumpets, and even the guy who sings the chorus was there, wearing the same suit he wears in the music video. The second performance was of a new song called, “Can’t Hold Us,” which is featured in Microsoft’s Outlook commercial. Until I saw the performance, I thought that the chorus was sung by John Legend or Anthony Hamilton.

Next week, Justin Timberlake will be hosting and seeing as he has been on the show many times, I think the creator, Lorne Michaels should just make him a cast member. And if he has offered to, then Timberlake should just take that offer.

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  • Elizabeth C.

    This was a great episode.