TV Review: Orphan Black 4×03 “The Stigmata of Progress”

The world of Orphan Black re-expanded this week as we check back in with Rachel and a Castor clone. It can be hard to keep up with all of the different threads of this show, but now that things are picking up again, Clone Club is hitting its stride for what is turning into a great season.


This week Sarah is understandably all about her newly discovered jaw implant. She is seriously freaked out and willing to put herself into some pretty risky situations in order to get help on how to remove it. It’s hard to blame her since watching that video of the implant exploding with a dozen or so tendrils and killing the guy we saw on the tape. Have I mentioned that this whole storyline is wonderfully creepy?

Sarah ends up falling back into her Beth persona as she visits a dental clinic that specializes in implants and may have attempted to remove one in the past. She ends up trusting some random assistant who happened to know Beth to do surgery on her to remove the implant. It all seemed a little too easy until the assistant turned out to be less than trustworthy. She attempted to detain Sarah for her bosses before being promptly murdered upon their arrival. This week brought back Ferdinand and admittedly it took me a while to remember how he fit in to everything, especially since he also met up with Mrs. S in this episode in a scene that ended up being largely unnecessary.

On her way to look into the implant, Sarah stops by to check in on Felix only to find his biological sister hanging out in his apartment. Felix still wants nothing to do with Sarah or her misadventures and instead spends the day having a picnic with his new sister, Adele and opening up about some of his past. Hard to say whether this is all some plot related ploy, or actually just a way to explore Felix’ character a littler further. Either way, it’s hard not to both sympathize with him and to wish he’d realize that Sarah didn’t ask for any of this, and rejoin the Clone Club.

Felix isn’t the only member of the clan to be having a tough go of it. Kira is especially sullen this week, knowing something is wrong and also not enjoying being kept out of the loop. We also get another small look into the possibility that there’s something different about Sarah’s daughter. Kira has always been unusually perceptive, and this time around while hanging around with Cosima she also seems to be having strange dreams relating to her mom and aunts.

Alison and Donnie were very much in their element this week, combining their darker sides with some suburban hijinx as they attempted to dig up the long dead Dr. Leekie from their garage in order to extract his cheek implant to help Cosima. Of course, the police showed up at exactly the same time to look into some of last season’s drama, leaving Helena to impersonate Alison yet again. Things went surprisingly smoothly though it seems like the police investigation could be a continued problem for the Hendrix clan in the future. My favorite moment of the week though has to go to Donnie and Alison confessing about what happened to Dr. Leekie to Cosima, spitting it all out and then moving on without giving Cos any chance to react.

The other big moment this week was that we had the chance to spend some time with one of the newer clone additions, Rachel. She’s still being held against her will in the home of her adoptive mother while she recovers, being attended to by on of the Castor clones (which one or if we’ve met him before, I honestly couldn’t tell you). She’s less than thrilled about her situation but is using the opportunity to connect with Charlotte, the youngest of the Leeda clones that we’ve met so far, who seems eager to help out. Unfortunately though, it does look like Charlotte is sick with the same thing Cosima has which is likely not a great sign, but may lead to a clone team up to save everyone by the end of the season.

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