TV Review: Orphan Black 4×02 “Transgressive Border Crossing”

We’re still in the process of getting caught up on season four of Orphan Black. If you missed our review of episode one, you can catch it here, and look out for a review of this weeks episode later this weekend.


Clones, clones everywhere! This week we started off right after last week’s cliffhanger with Sarah getting the news from M.K. that they’d been compromised in Iceland and had to run right away. There was a quick minute of discussion before Kira caught sight of an envoy headed right for them, prompting Mrs. S to burn everything to the ground and the whole group to take off for home. They meet up with Cosima in the basement of a comic book shop where she and Scott are still working on gene therapy options to cure Cosima for good. It’s hard to tell though what is hurting our braniac clone the most, her health issues or not knowing what happened to Delphine. I really hope she’s on the mend but we have to acknowledge that clone characters are less safe on Orphan Black than they would be elsewhere. If they decide to kill someone off, it’s not like Tatiana Maslaney is going to be out of a job.

Helena is having twins! She’s pretty thrilled about this and can’t wait to tell Sarah, while Alison is understandably a little heart broken since she was never able to conceive children herself. Helena is still hiding out with the Hendrix clan so Alison may get to experience even more of pregnant Helena and potentially even the babies as a result, though if we’ll ever get to that point in the show who can say since the timeline does tend to move along fairly slowly. Only time will tell! Alison did get a ton of great lines this week though and watching her and Donnie together now that they’ve worked through all their manslaughter troubles is ceaselessly hilarious.

We did end up with a little more time with Beth this week which is turning into an unexpectedly interesting story, although also quite tragic because it closed the gap between the last episode we got to saw and the first one of the series, with Beth leaving to kill herself while M.K. stayed at her house and begged her not to go. We saw this both through flashbacks and through the hidden camera that Art and Sarah uncovered, leaving Beth’s ex-partner to watch the last few days of her life unfold.

Of course, our favorite non-clone did get a little time to shine this time as well. Felix seems less than thrilled at his families return to North America. He’s feeling a little out of the loop now that Sarah is officially related to their foster mom, and basically to everyone as he puts it. And well, he’s not. Sarah is quick to reassure him that he’s still every bit a part of the family, but he’s less than convinced. He is still willing to help out clone club but is clearly on the hunt for a piece of his identity that is completely separate from Sarah and her genetic drama.

Felix and Sarah end up at the Neolutionist club where Sarah is mistaken for M.K. leading not only to some new clues but also to a near meeting with the mysterious Mika herself. And props to Cosima for catching the Dolly the sheep reference, which is amazing and I totally missed last time.

The episode ended somewhere… unexpected? Sarah was ambushed in the laundromat where she was hoping to meet M.K. by people looking to find something that had been implanted in her jaw. She escapes and makes it home only for Mrs. S to search out a tiny little worm hiding inside Sarah’s cheek. Remember last week’s murder case where the victims cheek had been cut out? Likely not a coincidence. And for all of the creepy stuff this show has done so far, that one tiny worm still managed to make its way to the top of the Orphan Black gross out moments list. Shudder.

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