TV Review: Orange Is the New Black (3×05) “Fake It Till You Make It Some More”

The fifth episode of season four involves Daya meeting Pornstache’s mom, MCC creating a new job, Alex being paranoid, and a flashback involving Marisol (or Flaca). There’s nothing insanely significant happening in this episode, but the various subplots happening help develop the characters further and allow the story to flow more naturally. While the episode isn’t the most memorable by any means, it still has some decent moments throughout the episode.

One of the subplots in this episode is a depressed Daya meeting with Pornstache’s mom Delia about her adopting the baby. Daya is ready to hand the baby over to her right away. This is shocking to Delia, who realizes that the girl is in a dark place right now and is worried that she’ll change her mind once she has her baby. She’s right: Daya is only upset because she’s finally realized that Bennett isn’t coming back, and that makes her resent having her baby at all. This is really the first signs of life that we see from Daya this season, as she becomes determined about her baby having a better life than the one she had.

Alex is becoming paranoid when she comes across random inmates and is convinced one in particular was sent by the drug dealer she betrayed. Piper isn’t exactly supportive of Alex during this time, but what do you really expect from Piper? Poussey begins drinking more frequently, which Taystee completely disagrees with, so she steals her stash of alcohol. This plot seems sudden, since Poussey hasn’t exhibited many signs of this occurring, but it still shows the bond between Taystee and Poussey, which is important.

Excitement runs wild through the prison when word gets out that the new company that’s running Litchfield is creating a new job that makes more money than the current jobs. All of the inmates have to take a personality test that (they are told) will determine if they get the job or not. In reality, the company just selected forty random names. To Marisol, the fact that she lands the job makes her think that she’s better than her prison family who work in the kitchen with her. She turns her back on Gloria and the rest of the gang because she believes she’s meant for more.

Jackie Cruz in “Orange Is the New Black.”

In the flashback, we learn that Marisol sold fake designer drugs to the kids at her high school. Things go wrong when one of the boys she sells it to commits suicide at school. Even though she didn’t even sell him real drugs, she influenced him and was subsequently blamed for his suicide. This shows us the reason why she ended up at Litchfield and also provides some insight about her general attitude. These flashbacks allow us to understand what’s going on when Marisol walks into her new job and sees sewing machines. Back in high school, her mom taught her how to sew fake designer dresses. At the end of the episode, we see that the new job for Marisol, Cindy, Piper, and some other inmates is sewing lingerie for a company called Whispers.

What do you think about episode five? Do you like Marisol now that you know her background? How do you like this season so far? Comment and let me know what you think. Come back here tomorrow for my review of episode six.


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