TV Review: Lucifer “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness.”

credit (spoilersguide)

credit (spoilersguide)

This week’s episode of Lucifer raises more questions about our main lead. There isn’t much of a push moving forward, but the development in Lucifer’s emotions brings up a lot of potential for the future. Not to mention Chloe’s knowledge about Lucifer expanding and threatening the future for them both.

The episode begins with Lucifer taunting a girl to jump into a pool. This introduces the set up for the next crime: a party where Lucifer uses his powers on the host to eventually tempt him towards getting laid. But his mood dampens when a party guest tells him that she saw someone named Lucifer MorningStar at a rap battle a week ago, definitely something our Lucifer would never do.

Chloe is still questioning what exactly Lucifer is, this devil persona or maybe a magician (idea credit goes to the adorable Trixie). She of course gets interrupted when Lucifer calls her to come to the party house, to find a dead woman in the pool. The “crime is personal” trend seems to be continuing with this episode once again focusing on Lucifer. The host, Ty, knows Lucifer and is somehow connected back to him which makes Chloe unhappy with him as usual. She’s not very pleased with Dan either, after he didn’t show up on time to pick up Trixie. It doesn’t look like any men in her life are getting her stamp of approval right now.

The dead girl is named Allie and thanks to a curious Lucifer, we discover that she slept with Tyler and recorded it. Halfway through the recording Ty realizes what Allie was doing and he was not happy. Chloe has him arrested and right before he is taken away he tells Lucifer how he wishes they never met. Ouch. On top of that Chloe dismisses him once again, acting as if his help isn’t needed. What else if left for Lucifer? Go back to his club where Maze tells him that someone used his name to trash a hotel room, a stolen identity is not a joke!

Ty’s agent reveals that he called Allie to sleep with him to get him over his ex. His agent found out that she was a super fan who was obsessed with Ty by the time he fell in love with her and had to force him to file a restraining order after she broke a girl’s nose out of jealousy. Things only grow more heated when Debra’s car explodes when Chloe approaches her to ask  some questions. Debra is out as a suspect since she spent three hours in a frozen yogurt place during the time of Allie’s death. Dan comes in handy when he points an interesting face in the surveillance footage right before the explosion, a fixer who isn’t known in a great light. (An Olivia Pope wannabe gone dark maybe?)

Lucifer, Dan and Chloe form a plan to catch the fixer in action and arrest her, but Lucifer goes rogue when she presents him with a better deal. She will fix his identity problem which Lucifer promises will be of help to the investigation soon enough. Lucifer does come face to face with his imposter, Justin, and takes his punishment to another level, until Maze mentions how he looks like he is punishing himself, which immediately makes him back off. Suspiciously quick …

credit (fanpop)

credit (fanpop)

But the guilty trail points back to Ty’s agent who falls right into Lucifer and Chloe’s ploy to get him to confess. He was worried that Ty — his best asset — would leave him, so he decided to strike first. This doesn’t go over well with Lucifer who throws the man through a glass door, reminding us that he has a dark side like no other. His need for punishment grew this week and it worried him, because along with the anger came the compassion, something Lucifer shouldn’t have. These types of feelings are for the humans, definitely not for someone like him which will probably be the main issue moving forward into the next episode.

Lucifer’s appointments with Linda get better and better each week. She pushes our favorite lead to confront his feelings and we find out more about him when she does. This therapist session is a recurring theme that hopefully won’t disappear randomly like some plots do in procedural crime shows. A breaking point for Lucifer is coming up and Linda might be the key to it, the only person who is able to get him to realize what is happening even if he runs away from the truth once it comes out. Their dynamic continues to help Lucifer’s development in his knowledge of himself.

Maze and Amenadiel didn’t have as much screen time as I would have liked but the trailer for next week did come off as promising. These two characters are hidden gems that do stir more trouble and interest in the plot as a whole. That, combined with Chloe’s investigation into Lucifer, lights up the background in between the weekly crime investigation. The next few episodes will be big game changers for Lucifer and the people around him.

Lucifer airs Mondays on FOX.

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