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A quick recap coming your way here.

Boys are lame is what I gathered from this episode, and as I’ve said before, I’m 100% team Jane, and only Jane for a while. The love triangle is an expected narrative for the show to take, but it’s one that highlighted that Jane is too good for both Michael and Rafael. The big moment of the episode of course came when Michael believed that Rafael had tipped off his supervisors that he had let Nadine go, and takes his anger out by getting into a physical fight with Rafael. The fight is brutal, and completely off putting as he pushes Rafael when he’s still holding Mateo’s carriage, putting his safety in danger as well, made abundantly clear when a blade of glass cuts Mateo on the arm.

It’s a stark contrast to the start of the episode where both Michael and Jane were happy is post magical kiss bliss, and Jane was ready to make up her mind and choose him, despite Rafael avoiding the news as much as possible. Rafael doesn’t hold up much better in the episode as he manipulates his way out of Jane telling him that she’s picked Michael, even going so far as to ask her how she could do this to their family.


It’s certainly not a good look, but considering his main source of advice is his sister who thought being kidnapped was romantic, he doesn’t exactly have the best sounding board.

But boy does Michael come out of this looking rough, and his loosing his badge at the end makes me wonder what they’re going to do with his character from here on out.

Aside from her mother and grandmother, Jane’s best interaction this week is with, of all people, Petra. Petra is getting married to Milos, despite her own interests, and Jane is trying to talk her out of it, for the sake of her child and for Petra, who she can tell is unhappy about this development. Petra is right when she tells Jane that she doesn’t deserve the small amount of kindness she’s given her, but I would be happy to see Petra redeemed the two of them become friends.

The BIG guest star news of the episode that the CW was making sure to promote was Britney Spears, playing an ex-friend of Rogelio. The only real interest the storyline brews is that Jamie Camil get’s to run with it and his hostility towards the pop star.

Alba meanwhile is applying for her green card, but Xo has a felony on her record when she took the fall for an ex-boyfriend when he stole a ring from a jewelry store, which could possibly be brought up when applying. They need to go and convince the ex to admit to the theft, which doesn’t work until when Xo and Alba (who accidentally got high) go and threatens Zed’s graffiti wall. Seeing the two high might have been the comedic highlight of the week as they go from goofy to suspicious in an instant.

We get a sweet porch moment with the three ladies when Alba tells Xo that she would never have been in the mess with the theft that day if Alba had just gone out with her as planned, but Alba had been mourning since it was the anniversary of her husband’s death. These three women and their bond are so wonderful, and there’s such a wealth of storyline to be told each week with them that the triangle could easily be put on the back burner for a while.

Other things:

Loved Jane dancing with Britney, you could feel Gina Rodriguez’s excitement.

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You may have already noticed this, but no, I am not Gaby, your regular Jane the Virgin re-capper, who will be back to review the show. Until then, thanks for reading my coverage! Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows currently airing and I’m excited to give my two cents.


Rating: 9/10

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