TV Review: Heroes Rebron: June 13th

I’d like to start off by apologizing for my absence last week, but with a show so infuriating, I really needed a break. It also allows me to tell you how tamed, for Heroes, this two part episode was. It wasn’t excruciatingly bad, but it also defies all the laws of time travel to give us some next level of bullshit twists into the mix.

In part one Noah Bennett returns to Odessa with Hiro to the previous year so he can prevent the explosion that turned everything on its head. Initially I was hopeful for this as it started, but with twist after twist the amount of obvious information given is just annoying.

Part two finishes the past with future Noah messing everything up, as past Noah proceeds with what was intended from the beginning. There’s more information to come.

If you haven’t seen the episode then you should now before I proceed.


I don’t want to get into all the specifics, but here’s what’s on a need to know basis from now on.

  • Tommy and Malina are twins birthed from Claire Bennett, meaning Noah is the grandfather.
  • Hiro is Tommy’s adoptive father, and Angela raised Malina with nuns… (DaFuq?)
  • Erika Kravid has now been promoted to Mega-Bitch status. As in she is literally the worst person on the face of that earth.
  • Noah shoots Kravid in the ass… I think, but it could have been the leg. This happens because past Noah stops him, with Kravid being saved by Quentin and witnessing the both Noahs.
  • Quentin is now on Erika’s side.

I think that’s it for now. By the way, everything I just told you is layered with more stupid dialogue and typical direction in both writing and direction. After this episode, it leaves me pissed off that they had such a great premise and screwed everything up halfway through. The whole series revolves around science and genocide, GENOCIDE/EXTINCTION. This is the kind of thing that could have made for a great allegorical show, but it can’t be done. The show is too deep into it’s own bullshit to realize they were just handing out fan service to those two people who probably actually wanted this. God knows I didn’t.

The acting is very stale. Also they give some pointless information to tie Guzman into the story. He was honorably discharged because he covered for his Evo friend/lover, who is also Malina’s guide since the beginning… It was pointless because Farah (Malina’s Guide) had no real character depth. It disallowed any emotional feelings for her because Guzman’s minimal screen time is just more bull.

These episodes were so much in the definition of fan service that I couldn’t take it beyond the grain of salt my intelligence is. It’s dumb, translucent, and obligatory. Its state of flowing naturally is non-existent. Don’t even bother, unless you really want to.



P.S. I hate ranting. I hope this suffices.

Kevin Montes is one sarcastically satirical dude. He’s usually at home watching hours of comedy and television, primarily Simpsons. Kevin aspires to be a TV writer, a joke writer, and composer for all things Harmony Korine. You can reach him on twitter @iamkevinmontes to further ask about all things Simpsons.