TV Review: Girl Meets World 3×15 “Girl Meets World of Terror Part 3”

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Cory’s Class: The kids have all decided that they’ve outgrown Halloween. Somehow this leads into Cory’s lesson, every decision has the power to change you but what if people never changed? The connection is thin here, people. Auggie interrupts and announces that it’s time for another round of Halloween Scarytime Theater. Auggie explains this year’s topic: “What made us become who we are? What if it never happened?”

And we’ve gone back in time. Little Maya tries to get into Riley’s room through the bay window, but Little Riley is too busy singing to notice. Fast forward to an alternate present day, where Riley is dressed like a peppy doll while she talks to her best friend, Beary the Bear Bear. Maya is basically Daria, Smackle is an extreme nerd, Lucas is a dark cowboy, and Farkle is an extreme version of who he used to be, only he’s dressed like a Brady.

Cory’s Alternate Class: Cory is dressed like a teacher from the ‘50s as he prattles on about names and dates being the secrets to life. Maya bullies Riley into doing C+ homework for her while Riley remains cheerful.

Apartment Matthews: Ava complains to Topanga that Auggie wouldn’t wear a matching butterfly costume with her. Dewey walks in as a butterfly and Auggie realizes that no one in the room can see or hear him. In this reality Riley doesn’t have a brother. Auggie needs to put things right if he wants to exist. Have I ever mentioned that I hate It’s a Wonderful Life-style episodes of TV shows? Because I hate them.

Auggie makes two failed attempts to put things right. First he shoves Smackle into Farkle in an attempt to kindle a romance. Next, he uses his ghost powers to leave a note for Maya beckoning her to Riley’s room, where he opens the window to let her in. Maya rejects Riley’s show of friendship and says that she has no right to talk to her.

Cory’s Alternate Class: Riley brings up the idea that history might not all be about names and dates. Cory considers the idea that there might be a force holding everything together. “People seem to change people,” Cory says, as he writes, “SECRETS OF LIFE,” on the board.

The Apartment Matthews: Ghost Auggie sadly walks around saying goodbye to everything and everyone. Ava arrives and asks Topanga to break up with Dewey for him, as he can’t take the mispronunciations anymore. Ava hears something when Auggie says bye, but he’s still invisible to her.

High School Hallway: Riley makes Maya sit on a bench to talk. “I know you’re here, Cowboy,” Maya says. Lucas does, in fact, walk out from the shadows like a creep. Maya admits that she’s not actually that tough, that her behavior is all a way of hiding her own insecurities. Lucas is happy that Riley stood up for herself. It thunders and lightnings outside. When Riley and Maya grab hands, the universe rights itself and Auggie becomes visible once more.

Bay Window, Back in Time Once More: Cory and Topanga come into Little Riley’s room to open her windows for the glorious weather. Little Maya then has the ability to come in and the girls can become friends.

Considering I never like the “Girl Meets World of Terror” episodes and truly despise It’s a Wonderful Life episodes of any show, this wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately, it was still lacking in a relevant plot for the overall show. At least seeing the kids as extreme versions of themselves was amusing.

Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: low, though the music played to illustrate the Lucas is a dark cowboy is the music from the classic “And Then There Was Shawn.”

Episode Rating: 5/10

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