TV Review: Girl Meets World (3×06) “Girl Meets Upstate”

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Maya and Riley are in the midst of running away from home, riding the subway with Maya’s entire wardrobe. They arrive at Shawn’s place upstate, where he makes them tea, offers them butter cookies, and talks poetically about the beauty of nature. The girls notice that he’s acting slightly odd, but they’re more concerned with explaining Maya’s absorption of Riley’s personality. Boy Meets World flashback! Shawn explains back when Cory tried to be cool like Shawn, and how he made Cory understand that having distinct personalities was a good thing.

The topic changes to his jealousy of Cory growing up. “Do you know what it’s like to go to high school with Romeo and Juliet?” he asks, explaining the effect Cory and Topanga had on his love life. He loved Angela because he thought that was what he was supposed to do, he never felt like he could catch up on life events, etc. “I’ve got trees, and a squirrel to talk to…Cory Matthews ruined my life,” he says. “I’m not going to let a second generation Cory do the same to yours.” He admits that he’s “really intensely fond” of Maya, stopping short of saying the word love. “I don’t know what comes after that, I’m damaged!” he says. Maya hugs him in response. They all go off together to sell Maya’s Riley-like clothes.

Matthews’ Apartment: the parents are grilling Lucas about his decision between Riley and Maya. Eventually, he runs off to go wait for someone at the bay window–that person not being Riley or Maya. “This is our house!” Cory says, appalled that Lucas is taking guests there. Cory assures Topanga and Katy that the girls are with Shawn to stave off concerns.

Shawn’s cabin: Cory bursts in the room with some questions. “Why do I have to be here? Do you know what kind of a schlep this is? Is this a real place? My GPS said ‘end of the world’ forty miles ago!” Despite his grouchiness, Cory is there because Shawn called for him. “It’s like ring power times a billion,” he explains. Shawn proceeds to tackle him, yelling that he destroyed his life. The following conversation ensues:

Shawn: “I’m wearing a cable knit sweater! I’m wearing slacks! I’m YOU.”

Cory: “You ain’t me. I would never wear that.”

Shawn: “I’m Feeny.”

Cory: “I’M Feeny. You’re Feeny’s father, Captain Feeny.”

While the grown best friends tackle each other, Riley asks Maya if she only likes Lucas because she’s internalized so much of Riley’s personality. Maya isn’t sure. After grappling, Shawn does know what he wants: “I want what I’m supposed to have…I’d like to sell all of my clothes, please!” he shouts.

Matthews’ Apartment: Topanga tries to talk to Katy about Shawn. “I love somebody and somebody loves me” Katy says, breaking into tears.


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Back to Shawn’s: Cory insists that Shawn’s reckless spontaneity makes him who he is. Cory cites the time he blew up the mailbox, the time he made Feeny’s house into a bed and breakfast, and the myriad of times he ran away from home on Boy Meets World. “It’s the best part of you. It’s the best thing that happened to me,” Cory says. “What about Mom?” Riley asks. “I know my own life!” Cory replies, without missing a beat. The Cory/Shawn friendship trumping Cory/Topanga is another nice Boy Meets World throwback. Speaking of Boy Meets World throwbacks, Cory and Shawn present their original handshake to Riley and Maya! She uses his newly recovered Shawn-dom to steal the school’s keys so Riley and Maya can break into the school and recover Maya’s personality.

Art classroom: Maya paints and explores her anger at Riley. All she ever wanted as a child was what Riley had, but Riley only wanted what Maya had. Her anger escalates into a paint fight, where she paints across Riley’s mouth, spurring Riley to throw a bucket of purple paint at her. The angrier Maya is, the happier Riley is. This is how Mr. Jackson finds them. “I see rage, darkness, betrayal…I see hope, a unique voice, who has learned to appreciate the influence of hope…I’m expecting great things for you, Ms. Hart,” he shares. All is right with the world, for the moment.

Bay window: Lucas has been sitting there for the past five hours. Finally Zay and Farkle join him, and Farkle talks about how he would never choose between Riley and Maya. When Lucas says he has to, Farkle has the perfect response: “Yeah well I’m a genius, and you’re an idiot with a face.” When the girls return in all their paint-splattered glory, Maya asks Lucas about his choice. When he says that he has made one, she cuts him off–it doesn’t matter if he has made a choice, because regardless of who he chooses, it’s Riley, as she’s been acting like her this whole time. Riley celebrates, Lucas is confused.

Matthews’ Apartment: Shawn busts in the room and gives a speech about how people impact other people’s lives. “I love your daughter, and I’m in love with you. Do you want to get married?” Yup, that’s right–Shawn proposes to Katy. And she says yes. WOO! A Girl Meets World wedding is on the horizon!

This episode was hilarious and full of Boy Meets World throwback moments, so overall it was a great episode. My problem occurred with Shawn’s explanation of his own life; he did go off and live life his own way–that’s why Cory pushed the family agenda on him at Christmas. It doesn’t make sense that he became Feeny in order to catch up with Cory and Topanga. Frankly, it’s kind of sad. Still, I’m glad that the storyline is moving forward with Shawn and Katy, though we didn’t get to see much of their relationship after their first date and prior to the proposal. As for the kids, jury’s out on Maya telling Lucas what his choice truly was.

Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: off the charts. This episode features Shawn in a major way. There’s a Boy Meets World flashback, as well as mentions of several of Shawn’s previous exploits.

Most importantly: Cory and Shawn did their handshake again.

Episode Rating: 8/10.

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