TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×12) “Girl Meets I Do”


Bay Window: Maya requests that Riley tone down her over excitement, over Shawn and Katie’s impending nuptials, far too used to low-balling her way through life. “Get your fairy tale butt out of the dungeon and into the sunlight!” Riley replies, refusing to take it down a notch. Cory and Topanga reassure Maya by presenting her with Shawn and Katie. Shawn and Katie reassure Maya by presenting her with their index fingers in a Chinese finger trap. Also, some words.

Riley’s Room, Sleepover Time: Maya waxes poetic, at Riley’s sleeping form, about how good things tend to come before really bad things happen. She reveals that she’s been a light sleeper since her dad left because she could always hear her mother crying herself to sleep. She never wants to go through that situation again, hence the hesitation over Shawn and Katie’s wedding.

Living Room, Sleepover Time: Cory and Shawn are sleeping on the couch together, and Cory is doing the “yiiiiiip-yip-yip-yip” sleeping he is known to do. They both wake up and Cory gets to express some of his jealousy, demanding to know if Shawn loves Katie more than he loves Cory. Shawn immediately says yes, but Cory is ignoring him in favor of elaborately informing him that he loves Topanga more. The conversation ends in an intense pillow fight.

Topanga’s Cafe: while Katie and Topanga take a magazine quiz to decide whether Katie is ready to be married, Maya continues exploring her fears about this marriage. “What if my mother has some sort of nut gene that makes men go from ‘I do,’ to ‘What did I do?’” she asks. She thinks that marriage will end up making Shawn’s stay in her life temporary and not permanent. She commits herself to stopping their lives from changing.

The Matthews’ Apartment: Maya locks Riley out so she can grill Shawn about why he wants to marry Katie. He explains that he loves her, and while what he’s saying are only words, he never really knew what they meant until he met her. After a brief pause to lock Riley out, this time from her bay window, Maya explains that she’s taking back her blessing–what’s to say that Shawn won’t take back wanting to marry Katie eventually? Shawn realizes that he and Maya are the same, so he levels with her about her request that he promised to make it work out. “I can’t. I can promise that I want it to, and you’re a big reason why,” he says. Maya challenges him to take this leap of faith, so he brings them up to the roof. He’s decked it out for an immediate wedding ceremony–in fact, the person officiating is on his way right now.

Topanga’s Cafe, A Few Hours Later: mid-wedding prep, Shawn gets the bad look on his face. He asks Cory and Topanga if he’ll be a good husband for Katie. They assure him that only someone who cares enough to ask, knows they want to be in this for sure. Katie arrives to ask Shawn if he thinks she can be a good wife to him. All is well.

The Rooftop: Auggie and Ava toss flowers, Topanga maid-of-honors down the aisle, and Riley and Maya bridesmaid it up. When Mr. Feeny arrives to officiate the wedding, we get another Boy Meets World throwback moment when he cuts off Riley and Maya’s attempt at the Feeny call. “Who’s Mr. Feeny?” Ava asks. “I think he’s my grandfather,” Auggie replies, providing us with a now-rare funny moment from him. Where has Auggie been in all these episodes? Cory plays dual roles, as Shawn’s best man and the person giving both Shawn and Katie away. Wedding ceremony, Katie and Shawn wrote their vows together, yada yada yada married. It’s all kind of abrupt and seems to be missing a ton of people who would probably be there, surprise timing and all. The Matthews adopted Shawn, you can’t tell me they wouldn’t be there.

Bay Window: everyone is happy after a successful wedding. Shawn establishes that he’d like to think of Maya as his daughter.

For an episode that was an easy get, Girl Meets World kind of missed the mark on this. They were already behind; it’s easy to be happy for Shawn and Katie getting a happily ever after, but it would have been a lot easier if they had actually built their relationship up at all. The entire process and actual event felt rushed and like it wasn’t given its due diligence. Having Maya stumble over the idea of happiness made sense, but it was all just a re-hash of issues that everyone has already worked out. Sadly, a miss for me.

Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: medium-high. A Feeny appearance, a Feeny call, and the return of Cory’s yip-yip-yip sleeping.

Episode Rating: 4/10

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