TV Review: Girl Meets World 1×20-“Girl Meets First Date”

girl-meets-world-cast-photo-twitterCory Matthews opens the season finale of Girl Meets World by waxing poetic about springtime and love being in the air. His tune changes when he spots Riley and Lucas making eyes at each other. In fact, he blocks Lucas from coming into his classroom with a “Not today, Chachi!” much to my delight. In class, Farkle and Cory barter for Riley’s hand, which proves to be too much for her. She stands up, proclaiming that she’ll be making the decisions about her first date.

The Hallway: Farkle is relieved that Lucas likes Riley—he once considered Lucas a threat, but Lucas has enabled him to not choose between the two best friends. Maya, impatient with Riley’s lack of proactivity, asks Lucas out. Riley declares her a traitor, but Maya assure her that a greater scheme is at work.

The Apartment Matthews: Lucas arrives to ask Cory’s permission to ask Riley on a date. I commend the young lad’s manners, but am peeved at how old-fashioned Girl Meets World has been about relationships—why can’t Lucas ask for both Cory’s AND Topanga’s permission? This display is derailed by three people: Josh arrives with the announcement that he’ll be around this summer for the NYU precollege program. Next Auggie and Ava arrive to announce their engagement, Ava flashing Topanga’s ring around and claiming that she thought Topanga was Auggie’s grandmother. Ava really knows how to make an enemy out of Auggie’s mom. Cory fails to convince Auggie and Ava to wait on marriage, instead bearing witness to their vows. Topanga then removes Ava from the apartment one last time for the season.

Ultimately, Cory decides that Riley can go out with Lucas—IF it’s a double imagesdate with Maya and Farkle. That’s some cold friendship blackmail, Cory Matthews. Maya agrees. “Even though I’m not counting this as a first date it seems like it’s a pretty big deal to Farkle, so I figured I’d give it at least 84%,” Maya explains. She’s just happy she won’t get hurt with Farkle, as seeing Josh and his pretty tour guide made her rather upset.

Speaking of…Josh gets shut down by his tour guide. He’s sixteen, she’s twenty, and is also here to show him around, not date him. He’s downtrodden, so Maya goes over to him to cheer him up a bit. He leaves the train looking a bit lighter. Riley leaves Lucas to go comfort her best friend. When Maya asks what happened with her date, Riley replies, “It was fine. And then my best friend got all needy.” I don’t really understand why that was the 640_Girl_Meets_World_Finale_02moment that Riley left Lucas to talk to her friend, but here we are. Maya sends Riley sprawling back into Lucas’s lap, bringing us full circle from the series premiere. This time, Riley kisses Lucas. Inspired, Farkle moves for Maya, but only kisses the palm of her hand. She’s impressed, and my ship continues to sail. “Tell your friends,” Farkle says.

The episode closes on Riley/Maya and Cory/Topanga each discussing that life is changing, but it’s okay since they have each other.

Thus ends the first season of Girl Meets World! There have been a bunch of high points (Maya and Riley’s friendship, the Boy Meets World character appearances, Auggie) and some unfortunate low points (their ridiculous views on relationships, not enough Topanga, what have you). Good news: we won’t have to wait too long to see what the second season has in store for us—Disney is premiering a special in April, then starting the second season in May.

What did you think of the first season of Girl Meets World? What were your favorite parts? Least favorite? Were there enough Boy Meets World nods for you? Let us know in the comments!

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