TV Review: Galavant 2×09-10

And here we go! It’s time to jump into Galavant’s season finale. But first, a recap. In song form, of course. The jester gives us a quick rundown of everything that has happened so far, followed by a brief applause from both the Valencian and Hortencian armies. Which would usually be when the fighting starts, but of course Madalena and the evil wedding planner have to retreat to the royal viewing area. Gareth wanted to fight, not watch in the sky box! And it looks like Madalena is still getting ready to do the D’Dew even though she promised her new love that she wouldn’t.


The fighting begins when dark magic turns the zombie army against the good guys and sends them retreating, despite Isabella’s rousing speech to the troops. And of course, everything is coming to a head right where our old favorites Gwen and the Chef have set up their new home. So you know, not great for them. But as always, they accept their lot in life with depressing resignation. But at least Isabella and Galvant are reunited. And Gareth and Richard! The gangs all back together. Except Sid.

The penultimate episode ends with most of our main characters boxed up together and hiding from the zombie army. Madalena turns up to save Gareth, running into three of her ex lovers at the same time — four if we count Gareth who isn’t exactly happy with Madalena using dark magic. My favorite moment of the episode has to go to Galavant exclaiming that it’s a good day to die before Isabella’s dad reminded him that they won’t because there’s one more episode. The whole final sequence was wonderfully meta before promptly ending on a fade to black cliffhanger while we wait to see if all of the characters will survive until the end of the finale. But as now Isabella’s mother quickly reminds us, this isn’t Game of Thrones. So it will all probably be OK.

Which is exactly when Galavant’s squire makes his triumphant return with the “men and women of the second season” to save the day and redeem himself for the whole killing the hero thing. The big battle resumes, with a few side battles for good measure. Richard and his dragon vs. the wedding planner. Isabella vs. Madalena yet again, but this time our heroine comes out on top. And Richard has revealed himself as the one true king to unite them all, and steps up to his new role to win the day.

And the big reveal of the episode…. It turns out that our titular heroes real name isn’t Galavant Galavant after all. Somehow, I don’t see his friends referring to him as Gary from here on out though. Whatever his name is, he’s marrying Princess Isabella! And they aren’t the only ones to get a romantic happily ever after. He makes it back to Roberta just in the nick of time, right before she starts her journey to the Aisle of Spinster with her new cat. Good news all around!


And no one is wasting any time. Isabella and Galavant say their “I Do’s” as Weird Al wraps up the season (OK, let’s face it, probably the show) with a happy ending song. Except, not quite. Just in case this show somehow gets another surprise renewal, Madalena is preparing to become the biggest bad guy of them all. And Richard’s got himself a dragon! So I guess they all lived happily ever after. And third season to come or not, these last few weeks have been a lot of fun to watch. None of the songs quite stuck in my head quite as much as last season’s did, but the meta jokes were always good for a laugh and the characters were far more interesting to watch, so overall we’ll call this season a job well done.

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