TV Review: Galavant 2×07-08

Spoilers ahead… right now! Galavant is dead. But as Roberta says, it does seem a little early in the season for something like this, so have no fear. This week’s episode duo is mostly here to setup the season (and potentially series) finale next week, but in true Galavant style, it’s a fun ride all the same. But first, we have to get our hero back.


So Sid is finally back with Galavant in “Love and Death” (as well as his new BFF Richard, and lady knight Roberta), just in time to accidentally stab him, kill him and then run off to a healer to try and bring him back. Keeping things interesting! The first hero they happen on is Neo, who can’t express just how much time is of the essence to save Galavant, and then our hero promptly dies while he’s singing about it. All is lost!

In Hortencia, Isabella has been selected to lead the armies in the coming war (of course chosen by the touch-your-nose game, as all big decisions are). Alas, when she goes to check out her cousin’s armory, the only weapons they have are toys. Not a great sign. Things aren’t looking great for either of the shows primary pair (at least, they used to be the primary pair). Of course, while Galavant is dead, there is a bit of a musical number in his head that fills him in a bit about what has been going on.

Love is in the air in all three kingdoms. Mostly. Madalena and Gareth had a bit of trouble confessing their feelings for one another but that did lead to a really nice scene where Gareth wants to make sure Madalena knows they don’t have to move too quickly, he wants her to feel comfortable. It was a pretty swoon worthy moment for the bad guys of the season. Things are going even better for Richard. Roberta admits that the whole reason she came along on this quest was her feelings for the former king, and the two almost kiss over Galavant’s dead body. But the aforementioned death song ends with Galavant deciding to stick around a little longer and he wakes up just in time to put a stop to the big romantic reveal.

So Galavant is back (shocking, I know) and now he has a zombie soldier army with which to go rescue Isabella/use to fight Madalena and Gareth. Look at him go!

galavant 3

As we jump into episode eight, “Do the D’DEW,” Galavant is not quite willing to let go of the fact that Sid (accidentally) killed him. Or at least, that’s what it looks like. It turns out no one can ever tell when that guy is joking. Ashamed of himself, Sid takes off to atone for his actions leaving Galavant with a less than ideal zombie army. The remaining group end up in Valencia, but Madalena and Gareth have already gone off to their war camp leaving the final conflict for another week.

Most of this week’s action happens in the battle camp where team Valencia are hanging out. Isabella has come to surrender after realizing she has no weapons, but Madalena’s demands are too much to take. The two have a sing-off of sorts, talking smack about one another though Madalena is quickly the clear winner. Isabella ultimately has to bluff, saying she has the sword/king that will unite all the kingdoms. Lucky for her, Richard picked up that same sword by accident a few weeks ago, so that will likely be a deciding factor in the final battle. But now Isabella can’t back down!

While the musical hat-tip of the week has to go to Roberta and Richard’s Grease like duo, I did also enjoy how the jester’s jokes got a little weird when he’s nervous. The episode ends with Roberta essentially breaking up with Richard since she knows he’s about to die horribly, and then everyone else preparing for war. Well, Sid is preparing to go to some place to do some thing in order to atone. He’s not exactly sure yet, but I’m sure it will be great. Isabella is feeling less than confident about her chances since her army is fighting with spatulas, and Queen Madalena gave in to the evil war monger/wedding planner to get some extra bad magic-mojo to help her win the war. And Richard and Galavant are riding with their love-fueled zombie army and what is sure to be a great finale next week.

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