TV Review: Galavant 2×05-06

Catch up on our previous reviews of season two of Galavant, here and here. As always, spoilers ahead!


Our hero, Galvant has probably the least plot relevant stories of the week but that doesn’t mean they weren’t a lot of fun. Things kick off with Galvant deciding that he can’t take King Richard anymore. The two part ways only to be quickly reunited on either side of a giants vs. dwarves feud. Except, both groups are exactly the same size and the whole thing is a little ridiculous (in the best possible way). Our newest lady warrior, Roberta quickly calls everyone out on their nonsense and my new favorite duo is closer because of the brief rift. Things get a little tougher for Galavant after he’s unexpectedly reunited with his father (who is no longer played by Anthony Head, boo!). His dad had never been there for him as a child but is now father of the year for a bunch of wayward orphan boys. Of course, in the nature of this show, the two work things out through song! Of course, it’s not all happy endings here, but we’ll get to that soon enough.

Things are looking up in Hortencia (not counting the fact that Gareth and Madalena have begun to plot against them) as Isabella has finally got her groove back. After a fairly out of nowhere encounter with another offbeat princess, the jewel that had been bewitching our leading lady is no more. She storms the castle and confronts her evil wedding planner and it actually goes pretty well! She even manages to follow that up by successfully calling off her engagement with her cousin. Hurrah! Wins all around over here.

Meanwhile, Queen Madalena and Gareth have actually started to fall for one another in a pairing that makes a strange sort of sense. It is a little strange seeing either one of them feel any sort of emotion, but I’m willing to get behind it. The biggest shift here is that Sid has finally escaped and thanks to a chance encounter in the Forest of Coincidence, (probably my favorite scene of this episode duo) he’s able to reunite with Galavant just before everything goes wrong. Alas, episode two ends with a pretty big hiccup for our gang. Big spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched the episode yet. Our title hero has been run through by a sword. And not in some non-crucial part of his body either. This looks pretty dire. Fortunately, magic has already been established as a possibility in this world, and there’s no way they’re taking Galavant out forever only halfway through the season. Still, this has been the biggest cliffhanger yet and I can’t wait for next week.

The musical stand out of the week has to go to Sid at the beginning of “About Last Knight,” attempting to start a revolution during “Today We Rise.” He’s incredibly bad at both pep talks and leading and it was a lot of fun to watch.

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