TV Review: Galavant 2×03-04

As the season two adventures continue, our heroes are still divided. Even Sid didn’t manage to escape after being tossed into the moat last week. Still, Galavant continues to deliver fun and engaging television with songs that manage to stay in your head after the episodes has finished. Tally ho!


Last week’s cliffhanger was the disappearance of King Richard’s castle (though I guess we can just call him Richard now), and that’s right where we jump in with episode three, “Aw, Hell, the King.” He disappeared from his kingdom for so long that his people decided to take apart his castle and build a new village, starting up a medieval democracy at the same time. They really have no interest in their former king at all, which is pretty understandable considering he just up and left for Valencia for all of last season. Congrats, Galavant, you’ve got yourself a pretty endearing new sidekick. Alas, he doesn’t come with an army. Seriously, when did King Richard become one of the highlights of an already enjoyable show? He never fails to make me laugh!

Princess Isabella’s parents have started planning her wedding to her cousin, though she has no interest in any of it. Her new wedding planner is also being set up as yet another bad guy, but we’ll likely jump into that in the next episode. For now, Isabella is busy dealing with being dumped by Galavant, which isn’t remotely what happened.

The Queen Madalena, Gareth and Sid story in this episode did feel a little tacked on, though it was nice to see that Gareth still feels some loyalty to Richard since I am missing the dynamic between them this season. Sid and Gareth as a pair does have its moments though!

Episode four, “Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled” has Galavant realizing that his new sidekick is hurting more than he’s helping. In an attempt to get rid of Richard, Galavant tries to set him up with Bobbi, their new travelling companion and Richard’s old friend. Richard is having none of it, but their might be some potential there in the future. Meanwhile, any potential for Galavant and Isabella seems to be disappearing as her new wedding planner is using a special mind control tiara on our usually snarky Princess, making her much more compliant.

Madalena has a lot more to do this time around as childhood bullies have returned. She thinks she’s finally been accepted by them, but instead they invited her to a roast of herself. She sits through being tormented through an entire meal and then returns to Valencia to find she’s actually feeling, well feelings. And she doesn’t like it one bit. And in the weirdest aww moment I’ve ever experienced, Gareth makes her feel better by chopping off the ears of her enemies. Seriously, it was weirdly touching.

This season is starting to hit a nice groove even though the cast is still divided into three camps for episodes that are only twenty minutes long. It looks like the Chef and Gwen are taking off though as Gwen is struggling to deal with her rise to upper lower class and the lack of diseases and hardship that comes with it. I certainly hope we haven’t seen the last of them.

As for the music side of this episode duo, I think the MVP award has to go to “Build a New Tomorrow,” in which the peasants of King Richard’s kingdom sing about their new democracy. They’re all for giving everyone a vote, as long as everyone only includes straight white males. Huzzah! “As Good As It Gets” was also a lot of fun, mostly because I enjoy the Chef as much as I do. Okay, “Maybe You Won’t Die Alone” was also pretty funny. I love this show!

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