TV Review: Fresh Off the Boat 3×06 + 3×07

Once again, there’s two Fresh Off the Boat reviews for the price of one. The first review has a little bit of Costco, and the second one has stuff about Tamagotchi. If that doesn’t make sense, then you should watch both episodes before going any further.

Let’s start with “WWJD.” For an episode that focused more on Evan than it did Eddie, this was actually enjoyable. The reason for this being that Evan thrives when the story calls for drama instead of comedy. The struggles of Jess possibly losing her son to church instead of  making runs to Costco resonates with viewers on the idea of change, especially parents. Kids are going to grow up and make their own decisions. A small but interesting piece of this episode was that Evan liked church, which was surprising because Jessica was saying things about church which one would assume Evan would agree with based on his upbringing, but he was fascinated by the bible anyway.

Meanwhile, Louis had to deal with bright white teeth due to the “friendship discount.” Who knew helping out your friends could cause so much trouble. The show did a great job with his teeth because those babies were bright. It was like the north star was in his mouth. Through Louis’ interactions we did get those funny “four out of five” doctor jokes and even the show played with the fact that they were making too much of them.

Eddie and Emery had their small moments about the cereal, but it wasn’t engaging. It was surely relatable because as a kid, I went through similar situations where I’d have the nasty cereal left from the variety pack instead of the cereal I wanted. Their scenes being small didn’t hurt the episode, and neither did Eddie having less screen time.

Now let’s talk about “The Taming of the Dads.” Jessica’s screen time seemed a little bit smaller, but that didn’t hurt her parts of the episode. What’s funny about the Huangs is that they’ll feel one way and then change their minds about it later. Jessica did her best to avoid jury duty by saying that she liked the TV show “LA Law,” but it worked against her. She didn’t want to be there until they said that they’d need someone to be in charge. This peeked her interest. It was funny to see her attempts to become jury leader by doing things like bribing the other members with oranges. What made it even funnier was that a couple of them seemed upset that they had to give them up in the first place. Unfortunately for Jessica, she ruined everything once she got to the top by stating her biased opinion. If that wasn’t enough, it turned out that she wouldn’t have had to gone through any of it if she said she still had a green card. What funny luck.

Meanwhile Evan and Emery got a Tamagotchi from their cousin Hennessy. What they believed to be a fun pet turned into an annoying pest. I assume people around my age related because I had a Tamagotchi of my own and remember how much work it was to try and keep that thing alive, ugh. Eventually it died, or so they thought, but they decide to keep it buried anyways. It was a smart and funny choice.

Eddie had to deal with not only Allison, but her dad’s friendship towards his own dad. Eddie thought he didn’t have to get her anything for their anniversary, but boy was he wrong. This led to seeing Romeo & Juliet, which both their parents wanted to see as well. The two dads instantly became best friends. Unfortunately it drove the kids apart, so the friendship had to die, which was a shame because the relationship between Louis and Allison’s father was great. They should secretly continue to be friends, but that’s most likely not going to happen.

“WWJD” Rating:  8/10

“The Taming of the Dads” Rating:  9/10

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays @ 9/8c on ABC

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