TV Review: Fresh Off the Boat (3×05) “No Thanks-giving”


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the Huangs enjoyed the holiday by not celebrating it all. Jessica finally had enough of the tradition and convinced everyone that having Thanksgiving at Cattleman’s Ranch was a better idea.

Eddie’s laziness had reached a new height. Instead of simply doing a family tree assignment where he had fill in blank boxes with his family’s names he chose to denounce eighth grade altogether deeming it useless. What’s funny was that the principal agreed, and the only reason he wanted the Huangs to get Eddie back on track was because he’s good at changing students minds. To make Eddie’s idea more sound, he even stumped his parents during their first attempts to get him back on board with school. Well done, Eddie. In the end, his mom got him to agree to go back to school by threatening to take down Cattleman’s, Eddie’s back up plan. By the end of the episode, he did his family tree assignment, but he did it at home and on the family tree of N.W.A.

Once again, the brothers and grandma did do much for the episode. Evan did have a funny dialogue about how if Cattleman’s was run by better management it would actually make money. It was a small comment, but what made it funny was that no one noticed it, especially Louis. The grandmother didn’t have any funny lines, but the fact that the man sitting next to her had no idea what she was saying made all her situations funny. His facial expressions really sold those moments.

Jessica was determined to change Eddie’s mind and make money. Taking his bed in order to make him give up. Causing him to work when he was tired because he didn’t get a good amount of sleep. Lastly, threatening the restaurant to take the down restaurant so that he couldn’t inherit it. Jessica is indeed loco. While not trying to save her son’s future, she was all about money: Convincing the family to work on a holiday. Trying to rig the raffle so that no one would win so that she could return the turkey. Buying a turkey that was alive instead of dead. I don’t know if that last one was cheaper, but it was certainly funny.

Louis had a fairly easy time this episode because Jessica had Cattleman’s under control. In fact, thanks to her dialogue early on he found out that his sons were interested in inheriting the restaurant. He got to give Emery and Evan some tips on how to run things. Unfortunately, he got his feelings hurt when Jessica said that none of the boys would get the restaurant. He had to be consoled and reminded that Cattleman’s is a means to the end and that the boys have the potential to do greater things. What an inspiring message.


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