TV Review: Fresh Off the Boat (3×04) “Citizen Jessica”


With election day close at hand it’s fitting that this week’s episode had an election of its own. Instead of our current Trump vs Clinton they had Dole vs Clinton. Props to this episode for being relevant to current viewers on two fronts.

Louis was all for everyone voting and letting their voices be heard. He even went as far as turning Cattleman’s into a precinct where people could vote. Unfortunately for Louis, Emery and Jessica were messing with that plan by displaying material that could persuade voters to pick one candidate over the other. What was ironic about this was that Louis was easy to persuade. His family didn’t change his mind, but when he was at home all the commercials were completely changing his point of view. The funny thing was that in the end Louis forgot to vote altogether. Not only that but only four people showed up to vote at his precinct. Maybe he’ll have better luck next year.

Even though Emery and Evan didn’t do much they still made commentary on the election itself. Evan told his dad in the beginning of the episode that the electoral college decides who wins and that his vote didn’t matter. To later prove his point Evan chose to help Emery persuade customers to vote for Dole instead of Clinton. Everyone at Cattleman’s ended up voting for Dole, but in the end Clinton would be the one who would win, thus proving Evan’s point.

Jessica had the most interesting experience in the episode with her trying to get Hector deported simply because she was jealous that he didn’t pay taxes. What was funny about the whole situation was that Jessica was an immigrant to begin with, not simply because she didn’t have citizenship, but because she was from another country. Her anger also felt odd because it would’ve made more sense if she wished to learn from Hector how to not pay for taxes since she’s all about saving money. In the end Hector got to keep his job and Jessica decided to work towards obtaining her citizenship. A future episode should center around that idea that way the audience can see whether or not the process is actually like being interrogated or she was overreacting. There’s potential humor with that idea.

While the rest of his family was worried about the election, Eddie and his friends were dealing with the death of Tupac. After waiting for years the group had finally acquired a good table at lunch, but speculation over the rapper’s death almost made them lose it. The multiple suspects was intriguing, but the best part was how Dave had no clue who they were talking about. He kept confusing The Fresh Prince with Tupac. After much thought Eddie ended up believing a theory that people still joke about today which is that Tupac faked his death. The leading factor of this theory being sneakers that he was wearing that came out right after his death. It’s unclear whether Eddie will continue to make references to the rapper in the future, but it would be a good idea because it would show how immersed he is in that genre of music. It would also show how relevant it is as the episodes progress.

Rating: 6/10

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays @ 9/8c on ABC

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