TV Review: Fresh Off the Boat 3×02-03 “Breaking Chains” and “Louisween”


Double the episodes means double the reviews.

Let’s start with Eddie. In “Breaking Chains,” it was funny to see that he had tricked the entire school into believing a bunch of things about his culture that weren’t even true. It’s great commentary on how people should be more educated on other cultures, especially when he was talking to Emery about how he was “breaking chains.” His method was obviously the wrong way to do it, but it’s Eddie. He still has a lot to learn. For example, thanks to Emery telling the truth, he formed a “closer” bond with his friends now that they have to shower after gym. In the end, it was nice that he was willing to let things go for his brother. In “Louisween,” Eddie got to learn firsthand that high school parties aren’t always what they seem to be. Not only that, but sometimes his friends will let him down, like when they left him behind. Fortunately for him and Nicole, they only received a noise complaint because of the music, but thanks to that their party was boosted by great rumors. Who knows if that’ll bare any fruit for him in the future. Eddie’s stories continue to be a nice blend of humor and growing up.

Unfortunately, Emery and Evan still remain uninteresting, but they have the potential to get better. Emery’s more dramatic storyline was actually intriguing, the way he had to try and learn how to navigate a new school that his brother already had a place in. It’s nice to know that even if he isn’t funny all the time he can hold attention during more dramatic moments. Evan’s solo experience in elementary school sounded like something worth watching, but he barely got any time, which was a smart move since he’s not that good, but it could have made for some better dramatic moments. The show should focus on that in future episodes. Another missed opportunity was the decision of costumes and how Evan was always the sidekick. The issue was resolved with there being a lot of tension, other than a few small scenes. It seems like the younger brothers need more drama and less humor.

The grandma continues to just be there. She’s never really been that funny, but she does have funny moments. My particular favorite was her dialogue about throwing herself in the river if she found out her husband hired a maid. There’s no real way to increase her humor. Letting her say a line or two every episode doesn’t disturb the show too much.

Jessica continues to bring most of the humor. It was funny how opposed she was to Mary, even yelling about her while she sat on their couch. Not to mention the times she kept Mary in the car in order to get information out of her. We only see it happen once, but knowing that Jess was willing to do it adds to her humor. Another interesting part about her character are the quirks that she reveals, such as her interest in writing. The vagueness from her family made me laugh, because I couldn’t tell if I personally liked her story or not, and apparently they didn’t know either.

Louis brought more of the sentimental tone in these episodes. The way he hired a maid to help out, and how he tried to scare Jessica so that she’d be into Halloween. His character always does a good job balancing emotional tones and humor, a skill he shares with his wife.

“Breaking Chains” Rating: 9/10

“Louisween” Rating: 8/10

Fresh Off the Boat airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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