TV Review: Dark Matter (2×13) “But First We Save the Galaxy”


It looks like the corporate war couldn’t be avoided. It’s not that the team failed, but they obviously didn’t see one of their own being their downfall. Oh Four, why did he have to become Ryo.

After last week’s episode, it seems like the crew left on decent terms with Ryo. Everyone was back on board the ship with no physical injuries or grudges, except for Nyx. Now the crew wanted to deal with the possibility that an all out war could be started by the corporations. To be honest, I forgot that it was even a problem that they might have to deal with after last week’s episode. I assumed Ryo would be the finale’s problem and boy was I right, but not in the way I intended.

Thanks to the dimensional jump that the crew did earlier in the season they knew about the possible bombing that would spark the war. It was a leap, but they had to see if it was true for their dimension as well. This reminds the viewers that these people aren’t the hardened criminals they use to be. They could’ve easily let the war happen and use the blink drive to rob as many people they can in the chaos, but they didn’t. It’s that argument that won over Truffault.

One problem with this finale was the first steps of the mission. They were too easy. It didn’t feel like Five was really in danger, and she was able to the hack the system in seconds. It made her fear seem totally unnecessary. Another issue was Arien’s affection for Five. It was completely one sided and didn’t seem to add anything to the episode other than for Arien to follow her. He could have easily been a nice guy and not like her.

Speaking of Arien, his character was interesting though he only got an episode. He was not only a potential love interest for Five at first, but he was also another humanized android which revealed that they could literally be anywhere because that’s how well they blend in. That all went out the window when he blew up, but he had potential.

With the Ferrous Corp plan out the way, it was up to Ryo to save his people. Ryo is a force to be reckon with. He’ll literally do anything to help his people. He was willing to steal the blink drive after Two declined. What makes him a problem for the Raza is that he knows them and has access to his old memories, which gives him even more of the advantage since he has knowledge that no one else does. I mean he shut down the android with a verbal command. Who knows what else he can make her do. What’s more compelling about him is that Four is still in there somewhere. He clearly still cares for Nyx and told the android to warn the crew. It’s unclear how much of Four is still in there, but maybe it’ll come in handy for the crew.

That is if the crew is still alive. Thanks to Ryo, the corporate war needed to be started by his hands so he rigged the station. Thanks to Kierken, the station blew up way ahead of time. Although Kierken is most likely dead it’s unclear if anyone else made it out alive. Nyx got poisoned by Masaki and seems the most likely to not be surviving. Five might’ve been saved by Truffault. Three might’ve been saved by Anders, which is another question in itself. The rest of the crew might’ve been blown up with the station. Obviously, that’s not the case since there wouldn’t be a show without them, but that doesn’t mean that everyone made it out unscathed.

We’ll have to wait until Season 3 to find out what happened to everyone.

Remaining Questions: Was that really Anders? When will Ryo find out about Nyx? Who is the person that came back from that other dimension? (Bet you forgot about that.)


Dark Matter airs @ 10/9c on Syfy.

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  • Erica-AM

    Eagerly awaiting Season 3. I hope they bring back One/Derrick Moss. I think they could do it like this:

    Remember the FTL-capable Marauder that came back with the Raza from the alternate universe? Let’s say that it was piloted by the alternate-Jace Corso. Sometime in Season 3, they capture alternate-Jace, put him in a stasis pod, and erase his memory using Five’s memory-wiping program. Then, they use the neural imprint of Derrick Moss (which was stored on the Raza’s computer with everybody else’s neural imprints) and place it onto alternate-Jace’s mind.

    Voila! We get One back, albeit without his most recent memories, but the rest of the crew could fill him on what happened. The best part is that we get Marc Bendavid back on the show! :)

    • Killsqu8d

      Same! Summer ’17 can’t come soon enough!!

  • Killsqu8d

    Love this show finally got around to finishing season 2!!