TV Review: Dark Matter (2×11) “Wish I’d Spaced You When I Had the Chance”


It’s all fun and games until Galactic Authority shows up. The parts of this episode where Four, Two, and Nyx are playing that game were a nice touch. There are rarely any moments when these characters get down time, so it was nice to see them just relaxing. It also shows that you don’t always need drama or action in order to make a scene exciting.

Props go out to Galactic Authority. Although they are one of the villains so to speak for this show, this episode showcased them pretty well. The GA typically aren’t on the ball, but they’re learning from their mistakes. Having them come by transfer transit was a good way to show that they’re adapting. Another moment was when the guard recognized that Two clearly wasn’t one of the soldiers. Those officers died, but it still revealed that they’re not always as dumb as they might seem. The best scene from them was when Kierken put the crime scene back together based on the clues in the area, It reminded me a lot of Batman: Arkham series, and if you’re acting like Batman, then you’re doing something right. Another surprising thing that Kierken did was get a confession out of Three by threatening the crew, especially Five. Kierken isn’t playing games anymore.

This episode was really centered around Three and Five, especially Three. What’s great about Five is that since she’s young every time she interacts with a crew member you see how much they all care about her as if she’s their little sister. Three is no exception to this rule. He was determined to get her back. The Danker Brothers found that out the hard way, especially the ones inside the house. They did not see that coming. It was also nice to have a scene that was straight action and no dialogue. A lot of TV shows feel the need for there to be talking in action scenes that don’t require it. Sometimes the guns just need to do the talking. On top of that action, there was the spoon scene which was a needed touch. Five doesn’t need to be this little girl who always needs saved. She didn’t completely take everyone out, but she was able to slightly defend herself. She was also mustered the courage to cauterized Three’s wound when he needed it. Five is growing up fast.

There wasn’t only a connection between Three and Five, but also him and the rest of the crew. He confessed to a crime that all committed, but he took the blame. He could have thrown the rest of them under the bus or at least Six, but he didn’t. It shows how much of a bond he has with everyone. He even shot the soldier with the rocket launcher, which could’ve easily backfired and killed them all.

Speaking of Six, he has big plans for the galaxy. He wants to create a world with the GA or the corporations. This could lead to a galaxy of anarchy, but he believes it will work itself out. It seems that his new-found experiences have drastically changed his mind.

Last but not least is Four and the fact that he’s getting his old memories back. How much trouble will this cause for both the crew and Ziron?


Dark Matter airs Fridays @ 10/9c on Syfy.

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  • Fiery Little One

    I loved the pranks. Seeing them with some down time was an interesting change of pace. I’m not going to underestimate Kierken after seeing him walk himself through what happened in the house. That… Scene… in the woods… I didn’t cry, but I did feel that tug. I’d say Six’s idea of acting as a police force on their own is… naive. Yes, they may have the blink drive, but they can’t be everywhere.

    • Leaf Miranda

      I was actually afraid that they were going to kill off Three. It would’ve been a bad move, but it definitely would’ve made people feel something. Yeah, I don’t think Six is looking at the bigger picture. Two has a better idea on how that sort of galaxy would go

      • Fiery Little One